Among BTS songs, the song that is appreciated for its artistry

It’s like an art film

Black Swan released in January 2020

BTS alludes to the fear of not being able to stand on stage as an artist anymore

1. Black Swan is really crazy

2. I thought about it, I really like Black Swan ㅠㅠ

3. It’s the best BTS song by my standards

4. I wasn’t interested in BTS, but I watched the ‘Black Swan’ stage on the American talk show and searched for BTS videos. ‘Black Swan’ dance practice video is good too

5. The moment I saw the title, I thought of Black Swan. Both the song and the choreography are art

6. I was shocked when I watched the MV for the first time. The song is good and the lyrics are good too

7. I was so shocked when I listened to this song, I love it so much

8. I listened to this song when I didn’t know about BTS, it was good

9. Even the stage is art

10. I was really shocked when I first saw it

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Literally one of the best song ever… deserved a grammy.


“Black Swan” is gorgeous in concept, meaning, and execution.

And BTS has plenty of songs/stages I would consider to be art. Others in a similar vein to this song, imho, are BST and “Fake Love” (actually, we can take all of the songs connected to the BU to be included too–for me, esp the masterstroke of musical artistry that is “Lie”).

“Spring Day” also deserves it’s own special shout out as well.

Then you have their songs that are artistic in a different vein, like “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal” or “Make It Right,” where the animation makes one of the key highlights for the songs.

I’m gonna stop here bc I can go all day with other songs of theirs as well and my lunch break isn’t that long.

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Blood sweat and tears, Fake love, Intro: Singularity, Interlude: shadow, Idol, Film out and Spring day.


Black Swan is a masterpiece that deserves so much more recognition than it’s gotten. I still stand by that BS should’ve been the title track.

yes hi

black swan was a title track, it was a pre-release but at that time it wasn’t appreciated enough due to bighit tl format was confusing.


actually, it wasn’t initially MOTS7 was 2 albums but they changed it and made it into one to represent 7 colors thus it was promoted as the pre-release lead single. If they went with their initial plan it would have been a tt on the shadow album and on would have landed on ego

yes hi

i know but either way, it was promoted for mots7 & it was a pre-release tt. & next one was ‘on’. so I never understand armys saying it was not a tt because it WAS

Namuvu ⁷💜

Black Swan is the the best BTS song for me as Army since 2015. This is a true masterpiece and deserved a Grammy. The melody, lyrics, producing, the concept and Tannies performing this song- the abslolute TOP . I would say also Pdogg outdid himself on this as main producer and as classical music graduate


it shouldve been promoted properly like they did with mic drop

yes hi

but it was, they literally promoted at james gordon & was a pre-released but most armys didn’t like it at that time until a year later it was appreciated


Instrumental is god tier…i looove the choreo and concept. The lyrics are great too

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