Among the 4th generation groups that have recently become popular, there is one group that seems to be touring the US on a fairly large scale

Stray Kids

Banc of California Stadium, recently added as an additional show in North America

1. There are too many crazy people cheering for school bullies

2. Let Stray Kids do even better, fighting!!!

3. They sing live well and the stage is fun too, they’ll do even better

4. Arena…? They sold a lot of albums so I thought it would be the stadium

5. In the end, if you can’t do well in Korea, no one cares about you

6. I don’t know any of their songs

7. Aren’t they the only group among 4th generation male idols who can compose and write lyrics for all the songs…? They deserve success abroad

8. I hate school violence groups

9. It would be perfect if Hyunjin left the group

10. Isn’t the gap between overseas popularity and domestic popularity too big?

11. Are they more popular than BTS now?

12. I teach Korean to American kids and they’re all Stray Kids fans

13. Oh I didn’t know they were this popular

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