Among the 4th generation male idols, who is famous for their vocals?

I’m curious

1. ATEEZ Jongho?

2. ATEEZ’s main vocalist

3. Jongho

4. I’m a fan of Jongho’s voice

5. I’m so proud of Choi Jongho’s voice

6. Seriously, Jongho is a great singer. I felt it while watching Kingdom

7. I can’t think of anyone..

8. Except for Jongho.. I don’t have any male idol in my mind

9. For 4th generation male idols, Jongho is definitely the best

10. Jongho oppa

11. The 4th generation has too many groups that focus on performance rather than vocals, so it doesn’t seem like there are any idols with outstanding vocals

12. There aren’t any male idols

13. I really don’t know

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