Among the three most important factors for an idol are appearance, skills, and personality, which do you think is the most important?

For me, in order, skills, appearance, personality

1. Appearance, Skills, Personality

2. Personality, Appearance, Skills

3. Skills, Appearance, Personality

4. For me, I like idols with good skills.. Then I’m interested in their appearance and personality

5. Appearance, Skills, Personality

6. Appearance, Personality, Skills

7. Appearance, Skills, Personality

8. Appearance >= Skills > Personality

9. Appearance, Personality, Skills

10. Appearance, Personality, Skills

11. What determines popularity (based on male idols) seems to be skills, appearance, personality

12. Appearance >> Skills >>>>>>>>> Personality

13. Appearance > Skills > Personality

14. Personality > Appearance = Skills

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