Among the three most important factors for an idol are appearance, skills, and personality, which do you think is the most important?

For me, in order, skills, appearance, personality

1. Appearance, Skills, Personality

2. Personality, Appearance, Skills

3. Skills, Appearance, Personality

4. For me, I like idols with good skills.. Then I’m interested in their appearance and personality

5. Appearance, Skills, Personality

6. Appearance, Personality, Skills

7. Appearance, Skills, Personality

8. Appearance >= Skills > Personality

9. Appearance, Personality, Skills

10. Appearance, Personality, Skills

11. What determines popularity (based on male idols) seems to be skills, appearance, personality

12. Appearance >> Skills >>>>>>>>> Personality

13. Appearance > Skills > Personality

14. Personality > Appearance = Skills

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personality, appearance, skills

Dot Com

Skills, personality, appearance

Ki Ki

Knetz complain about the lack of live singing in 4th Gen but aren’t putting skills above appearance.


4th gen is so surprising to me because even though in other generations there were adults who weren’t as skilled, there were at least a couple groups who were exceptionally skilled and stood out from the rest but I can’t think of any in the fourth gen.

Who is the group with SHINee level live skills in the fourth gen? Rookie Jonghyun could outsing the whole fourth gen and it’s a bit shameful. Lots of pretty faces, not a lot of talented people though


ateez jongho is an INSANE vocalist who deserves a lot more attention, but i do sometimes feel like he’s a bit limited when it comes to ateez’s upbeat music. i think he’d do amazing with a btob style song.


Personally, it’s skills>>>>>>>>>>personality>>>>>>>appearance, but in the general kpop scene the order is reversed.


for me.. its skill, appereance then personality
because I literally check BTS after their live performance, somehow they look really great, and I am so much in awe with their personality later


I’m high key judging people for picking looks over talent.
For me is skills > personality > appearance
Luckily I stan Jungkook that is excellent at the three of them 😌🔥jks are always well feed


I could check a lot of groups bc of their songs. If they can’t perform (skills) then is not for me. If they have good performances I check their content, if they have nice personalities like exo, SVT, BTS then I stan. After that I pick a bias bc of their personality/skills/looks: Kyunsoo, mingyu, Jungkook


Skills, personality and appearance but knetizens only care about visuals but complain about lacke of skills especially in the 4th sullyoon who has exceptional vocals is only praised for her visuals some idols even become popular becaue of visual even the the top 4th gen idol is popular coz she is pretty not cos of skill no hate on her tho but knetizens should also look at skill too


Definitely skills > personality > appearance. That’s how I like other artists as well, not just kpop. If you don’t have skills, no matter how nice or pretty you are, I won’t stan. Even in beauty pageant, you need to have skills in order to win.

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