An article about BTS fans screaming causing a commotion at Sinnonhyeon station

‘A riot? A terrorist attack?’ Sinnonhyeon station commotion… “BTS fans scream”

BTS Suga revealed his tattoo on a live broadcast after the concert, and the fans who were returning home screamed

These foreigners screamed while watching the video, but since the subway was crowded, people misunderstood and ran away

1. No, why do they scream in public?

2. It’s the worst fandom of all time, ARMYs

3. There are no quiet days in this fandom

4. Thanks to stupid fans, the male singer’s picture was published in this article

5. I feel sorry for Suga

6. This is just shocking, imagine doing this in the middle of the night

7. It was a scream that anyone who heard it would feel nervous

8. ARMYs, another dark history ㅜㅜ

9. Yoongi didn’t do anything wrong

10. Whether they were foreigners or Koreans, screaming in a public place anywhere is unmannerly

11. Yoongi’s picture is here… I feel bad for him

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