An article said that while NewJeans was created with other people’s money, Zico is grateful to HYBE but Min Heejin is not

While NewJeans was created with other people’s money… Things Zico knows but Min Heejin doesn’t

ADOR CEO Min Heejin, who calls herself the mother of NewJeans, seems unaware of the principles of capitalism. CEO Min said, “I gave birth to NewJeans”

If Min Heejin is ‘NewJeans’ mother’, then ‘NewJeans’ father’ is HYBE. HYBE spent 16.1 billion won to establish ADOR and paid a heavy price to send NewJeans members who were Source Music trainees to ADOR. In addition, various capital sources and systems have been mobilized to support the debut of NewJeans

NewJeans is a group formed from the combination of my father’s assets and my mother’s planning skills. Without either of these two conditions, NewJeans certainly would not exist. Even if we give in a hundred times and agree that CEO Min Heejin created NewJeans, it is still a result achieved on a platform powered by HYBE with capital. In short, Min Heejin created HYBE with other people’s money. Before affirming her own achievements, CEO Min must also acknowledge and respect HYBE’s capital and support

Singer and producer Zico, CEO of KOZ Entertainment, a company under HYBE, was asked about the difference between HYBE and small and medium-sized companies, and he said, “Financial strength itself is different. Small and medium-sized companies have less environment and opportunities.” It is a statement that acknowledges HYBE’s financial strength and established systems

Zico, who has experienced many different environments as an idol, producer, and CEO, seems to have recognized and appreciated HYBE’s solid financial strength and solid system. However, CEO Min Heejin only showed off his own skills and gave harsh criticism to HYBE. Zico is grateful to HYBE but Min Heejin is not

1. There’s nothing free in this world. If you take someone else’s money, that person may interfere

2. Even though I don’t like HYBE, this is so true

3. HYBE is really ugly and dirty

4. Even if HYBE had money, they couldn’t create NewJeans

5. Even if Min Heejin goes to another company, she can create NewJeans, but HYBE will never be able to create a girl group like NewJeans without Min Heejin

6. I really hate HYBE, but this is true in every company, but especially in entertainment companies, financial strength plays a huge role

7. Does Min Heejin ever deny this truth? HYBE invested in Min Heejin, and didn’t Min Heejin successfully repay that investment?

8. I feel sorry for Zico

9. Why is Zico used in an article like this..ㅠㅠ

10. But what’s wrong with this article? Isn’t that the truth?

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