An SM employee revealed that there is no employee who has never received an offer from HYBE

Wow, HYBE must have contacted a lot of SM employees

A, a core member of SM, told CBS No Cut News: “HYBE’s attention to SM’s cultural technology is not new. Among the long-time employees here, there is not a single person who has not been headhunted by HYBE. There is no one who has never received an offer from them. This is especially true in the areas of new talent development and personnel training.”

1. Well, they can’t give up on SM

2. But why is HYBE so obsessed with SM?

3. I have an acquaintance who works at SM, and I’ve heard that a lot

4. I understand that they were trying to learn by taking away SM’s experienced employees, but they should have improved themselves with that capital and used it effectively. They just talk complacently and act like incompetent people so they are criticized

5. HYBE is like a Chinese company

6. But isn’t that natural…? They need to recruit experienced people and grow together

7. But HYBE has said that SM’s governance structure is disappointing

8. I understand Bang’s reaction because his infatuation with SM was exposed.. It seems like he doesn’t want to develop on his own in any field

9. Please ask SM about how to practice singing

10. Meanwhile, I guess they couldn’t recruit a vocal coach from SM

11. HYBE seems to hate SM the most but the truth is that HYBE likes SM the most

12. Of course, every company wants employees from SM!!

13. There is no other choice. Every company must recruit people with experience during the establishment or expansion process

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