An Yujin at the Milan Fendi fashion show in real time

She’s currently an ambassador for Fendi

1. No, her style looks different, but it suits her so well

2. Wow, she looks like an actress

3. Yujin, when did you grow up like this?

4. Hul… She looks like a model, not an idol…

5. Her expressions are really good

6. She has actress vibes

7. Her styling is perfect, she looks like a model

8. She’s so charming and handsome

9. Wow, she’s so handsome ㅜㅜ Wow, her aura is crazy

10. She’s a hot girl

11. Wow, this style suits her so well

12. She seems to stand out among female idols today because she has a different aura

13. Wow, look at her facial features, she’s so pretty

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