An Yujin’s vibe in real life stuns netizens

An Yujin’s vibe in real life

[+228, -47]

1. [+57, -10] An Yujin is f*cking pretty

2. [+39, -7] Please give me Blue Blood’s fancam..

3. [+34, -8] She’s tall and has a small face, so her proportions are crazy, but his small face is full of facial features, you have to see her in real life instead of pictures

4. [+34, -8] No, her facial features are amazing, but she’s even cute

5. [+30, -7] Maybe because Yujin recently lost more weight, so she seriously became legendary..

6. [+18, -2] She looks like this in real life, she’s so refreshing

7. [+17, -3] Her facial features are so cute

8. [+13, -3] Her facial features are so pretty

9. [+11, -11] For real, the person who looks like Suzy is not Kazuha but An Yujin

10. [+11, -2] An Yujin has lost a lot of weight, no more fat on her cheeks and legs

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Dive Into Yujin Eyes

Ahn Eugene is the the epitome of perfection. Beautiful and Talented with Great Personality.


if she wasn’t in the same group as wony she would have been bigger

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