Are BLACKPINK Lisa and Rosé having a rift?

Fans have noticed the lack of interaction between the 2 who were usually seemed so close. The tension and speculation began during the first day concert in Seoul where Rosé looked sick and underperforming and wasn’t interacting much with members especially Lisa. Lisa did try to approach her several times on the first 2 concerts but recently, it seems Lisa’s also now ignoring Rosé.

As they are on their 4th concert in Dallas, it is evident how thick the tension is now between the 2. Whatever personal issue they’re having should be set aside because people are paying to see them perform and not to witness some drama. To Lisa’s credit, her performance so far has been impeccable and the level of energy she has has been consistent.

I hope they resolve whatever issue they have ‘coz having arguments this serious within the group and prolonging it is a recipe for disbandment. What do you think?

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