Are blinks/Lisa fans buying spotify streams?

These past few week money streams keep increasing a lot but most of fans or other fandoms noticed how it can’t chart on spotify global. Money is doing more than 2 million streams and can’t chart on global. Its a fact blinks want the 1 billion record but they are doing this organically or not?

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not surprised 😂😂😂😂


Keep crying lol

bffr hun

i think that yall


there’s nothing organic about blackpink


This is not blackpink This is LILIES the LISA SOLO stans the y don’t care about organic they just lisa at the top forever

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Ratmy talking about organic 🤣🤣

bffr hun

idk who are thoes 4 ladys that flirts with spotify ceo and one of them went to a hotel with him alone…………i dont know them……….


of all people ratmys are the ones who had the least face to talk about ORGANIC because everything they do from mass streaming and mass buying is 101% percent inorganic.
and now that SEAs have thought of buying premium to stream just like them they accuse others of being inorganic. what thick faces LOL


Her views, streams match. Money is getting streams because of concert. Don’t over act and lie please. Lisa success is organic


It has been said by her fans that they loop and over stream by not sleeping or showering that’s why it’s not charging at all


her streams are all just zombie streams and looped playlists…2M real streams would have placed it on to spotify chart.


Yall will always have something to say when women are winning


Like how blinks treat Twice?


lol the only woman who is winning organically is jisoo kim that’s why she is on the charts 2m streams and not on chart? fraudulent. spotify is filtering your looped streams. shoog must have been on chart but yall want that 1b plaque

Tsk tsk

I’m a woman and I would prefer organic methods. Does this really count as winning when it’s just bot streams? Besides, with how blinks treat other gg, you’re just doing selective feminism at this point.


Y’all = blinks

bffr hun

winning by flirting with men right? and going to hotels with them????

bffr hun

and the ads to


You only need 1m streams to chart. She is not charting. It’s literally bots. The most inorganic artist ever😭

bffr hun

artist? the joke of the year HAHAHAHHAHAH

Tsk tsk

Lol saying that when the song is getting 2.3M streams while only needing 1M filtered streams to debut. That means, at the very least, 1.3M streams got filtered. That’s more than half of the streams. How organic is that!


It does look sus they are getting that much streams and aren’t on the chart


Ever heard of fans mass streaming??


i heard of looping and fraudulently streaming

bffr hun

u need 1m to chart that girl has 2.3m and isn’t charting


I think it’s defo true cause jk steams are organic and he is charting and growing while the hers are growing but not charting so you know which is fake and real


Hi and Charlie oppa

bffr hun

what about dj sanke say hi to him tooo OMG


Lisa and her trash fans lol

V the std boy

And armies being her second fandom, trash ratmies obsessed with lisa

jennie the std girl

blinks are bts’s 2nd fandom to…….OMG aren’t we so cuteeeeeeee


Worry about jimin akgaes instead

yall need to stfu

jimin sitting prettily on the spotify global chart ever since his debut cause armys don’t need to loop his songs in order to show his impact. worry about blackpink&lisa’s fraudulent careers instead of yapping about jimin <3

Hype man

You just know they nasty kids who are not taking care of themselves just stream and stream and loop it lol


fans can not buy streams on Spotify, can we? I think it’s just mass streaming on loop. Well, it’s still getting stream numbers. Hmm I am gonna ask MYs and our fanbase to do this.

Salty ratmies

Acting like ratmies don’t mass stream lol, u know even if landr gets 1B before money it’s not gonna Break the first solo to do so record cause it’s not a solo it has Charlie oppa too, go focus on streaming jmid rapemonster and sugar instead of obsessing over Lisa


these lilies are so embarrassing and bring shame. instead of streaming ji soo solo they are fraudulently streaming money. at least jisoo is on the global charts with less streams. lisa money fraudelnt


Why would Lilies stream Jisoo’s solo? They are literally solo stans of Lisa.😭 Lilies are having mass streaming everyday with 500-800 listeners in stationhead. It’s mass streaming effect.


remember jisoo korean songs will slay and lisa’s korean songs are flop all thanks to her fraud dumb kid fans


you guys hate successful woman lolll!! just say ur an atheist and move on


Stfu ya’ll solo stans are just disgusting leave lisa alone and stop looping the song


Music has become a joke atp. Do people even try to listen to listen a song or just listen to give it a stream. Such a waste of an art. This is the reason why I stick to listening to music pre 2019 more.


Yeah her songs were a headache and ear @busers…


Never forget that BUTTER and Dynamite and Like Crazy have also almost 50%! Filtering rate. So it means their streams are also fraudulent, inorganic


All kpop songs have huge filtering rates including BP. The higher the streams the higher the filtering rate. But it’s weird because this is just 2M should have charted on Spotify.


But that’s during song promotion when fans due to excitement and novelty listen to the song on loop while this is 2 years after which makes no sense

btch stfu

yall just jealous lisa got hardworking fans


Not at their day job though 😭



yall need to stfu

pretty sure they’re looping the song, hence why it doesn’t show up on the global spotify chart


Lisa’s fans are beating Armys at their own game. Lmao. They really got the armys crying.


Jisoo dozen fans and ratmys crying because of lisa achievements even after 2 yrs


she isn’t doing anything hun that the problem here. she had 2.3m stream but isnt charting when u only need 1m


Her white ugly sponsor who always is with her bought them for her 🤡

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