Are Jennie and G-Dragon back again?

Fans and netizens are wondering are they back together after Jennie was spotted wearing a scarf same as G-Dragon in her recent airport spotting. Not only the scarf, but lately the duo is spotted wearing many accesories and clothing matching each other sparking the speculation among netizens

G-Dragon’s instagram story as well left fans wondering as many were thinking the text in his story, along with the Minnie mouse cartoon can’t be just a coincidence.

Whatever might be truth, shippers of the duo are very excited for the  alleged couple to be back together.

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yes hi

gd knows what’s he doing

Worldwide handsome

So she’s dating two men at the same time?
What a whore attitude. Her mom teach that slut attitude so well


queen jennie, as she should

kpop used to be better

The proofs of dating between them are photos with YEARS apart? Beloved Jesus, you guys need psychiatric treatment.


these clothes can be sponsored tho but idk about instagram posts , everytime idols rumoured to be dating and fans post evidences like this , it’s kind of funny like ‘ yall believe they’re dating from this 😹’ but judging how the dating culture there is doing a lot of lovestagram and matching clothes , oh well .


Chanel ambassador wearinh chanel clothes and accessories lol


Ah, here we go again🤦🏼‍♀️


a lot of of these are taken out of context vkookers are desperate to disprove taennie by using another man but the truth is none of them are real give it up

Jennie and GD are both chanel ambassador it’s expected they will use chanel clothes or items what kind of reach is this? and you and me it’s not about jennie lol it was about a mickey mouse song lol


It’s so obvious who are making these user posts. BTS V fans are so hellbent in linking Jennie to G-Dragon so they could protect their delusions of V being single or dating Jungkook. Anyway, congrats to the actual couple V and Jennie. I hope their relationship flourishes and they continue to ignore what their unsupportive fans have to say. I cannot wait for the other boys to find their significant other.


These v stans downvoting u as they just come accept the fact😫😫😫


No, you just don’t want to see the facts. Jennifer has been dating this man for years. Although there was no news about Tae, your unqualified idol would only come up with these news. If you choose believe this fake news about tae and Jennifer then we can talk about her REAL relationships with men. Stop mentioning about tae and support your incompetent fav.☺️


It is you who cannot see the facts. And I won’t blame you for this because the companies’, especially Hybe, actions toward the issue affected the fans. They could have immediately pacified the situation by just clearly denying it back in May. I too did not believe the jeju pictures at first but the way Hybe handled it made me question everything. Hybe seriously does not care about the fans because they keep dragging this for too long when they can just shut up everything by straightforwardly denying it like – V an Jennie are not dating. Period. Whether it’s true or not. They should have just denied it and should not have acted like YG.


It’s fine and expected. It will take them years to heal. Hopefully the group hiatus becomes a gateway for the fandom cleanse.

But I wasn’t done…

Anyways, it’s blinks that have been obsessed for years trying to tie one of those fads to a BTS maknae. A bp/bts pairing only benefits those bp hags and that why y’all salivate over it. We all want bts to date but they can definitely do better than those flops.


the hags is only valid to your faves wbk

But I wasn’t done…

Nah. BP clout chasers clinging to every nut that will give them airtime wbk


Have some shame, u stan bts LMAO

But I wasn’t done…

Was a drag supposed to be happening?

Midpink is known for clout chasing and payola. BTS is not. And even with all the begging and pleading for ppl to pay attention to their comeback tankpink still made zero waves. Like don’t act like this past comeback didn’t embarrass yawl enough. Blinks are criminally delusional


I agree to this. Blinks like Jungkook and V, but mostly Jungkook. I have not seen them drag JK when there is an Army Blink fanwar. However, this does not negate the V-Jennie issue. And clearly, the boys do not need the fans’ opinions on who they hang out or date with.

But I wasn’t done…

I’ve seen JK get dragged by blinks when it comes to his ship with Lisa. Or when they want to make him compete with other kpop singers to prove him to be “just average”. No member is safe from those freaks in the end.


LMAO you said blinks love to link them to maknae line now you say blinks hate jk because of lisa ship🤣 youre just making things up because you hate blackpink. don’t worry blinks don’t like bts members at all. nobody wants to be linked to those friendless kpop group with crazy fans.


I totally believe they never broke up. GD has made it clear again and again that they are in a relationship and since blinks ( who for some reason do not like him and are strictly against their relationship) have started linking Jennie with literally every guy, GD has been on fire. Love it! Those who want to believe it will see how loud he is for his love. Wish them all the best and no negativity from Blind fans doesn’t reach them.

But I wasn’t done…

This chick makes more noise with her dating than her actual music. Scandal queen


better than having bad breath and spreading cancer to everyone

But I wasn’t done…

Confirmed: Jennie spreading essteedees around


Confirmed: v having black lungs


Jennie mom was a gold digger, seems her daughter follow that path. I heard she was yang hyun suk mistress before. Yupp she has talent to be a prostitute


They can’t be “back” together since they never broke up. It’s obvious it’s pretty serious between them


They = v and jennie


They have never broken up, it’s just that her fandom refuses to see the reality. That fandom should forget about the BTS member, HYBE will also sue them if they insist.

Jin Oppa

JenDragon have a real bond, the only people who don’t see it are those who are trying to put her and associate her with someone she has absolutely no connection to or with. The people doing that are just making her look like an attention hungry groupie/ssasaeng because they associate every thing she does to a man she has absolutely no relationship with. Even worse, it shows they don’t understand Korean culture because they are associating her with another man who she actually comes from the same clan as (Gwangsan Kim Clan). Weirdos pushing incest instead of recognizing she and G-Dragon have not only worked together but she has been a huge fan of him since her trainee days.

Grace Walker

V and Jennie, were never dating those photos are fake.


she’s a Chanel ambassador dummies this isn’t the gotcha moment you think it is


It’s so funny cause blinks try so hard to dissociate Jennie from GD from the very first moment news about them dating came out but keep on insisting she’s dating V and keep saying to respect their dating life like… lmaoooo.

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