Are Jimin and Lisa the most fraudulent and inorganic artists on Spotify?

Lisa, the youngest member of BLACKPINK and the BTS member Jimin, both are the most fraudulent K-Pop idols in history and nobody can beat them.

Lisa really paved the way for loops and fraudulence. The single sang by Lisa, ‘MONEY’ reached 1 billion streams on Spotify fraudulently, thanks to the solo fans and the blinks mass looping her song and many streaming farms in Thailand.

‘MONEY’ didn’t re-entered on the global Spotify chart despite getting over 3 million streams daily for months, with a high filtering rate of 50%, the highest rate in the platform history.

Notably, some fans were disappointed and confused about ‘MONEY’ not re-entering on global Spotify chart, despite it was doing 2-3 million streams daily. Meanwhile other fans knew the situation and they were there to clarify the confusion in some fans.

“We’re looping”

“Wdc about charting. We’re looping”

Regardless of, Lisa is not the only K-Pop artist that reached 1 billion streams on Spotify fraudulently.

BTS member, Jimin also reached 1 billion streams fraudulently with ‘Like Crazy’, the song that goes viral on Twitter after the artist’s encore on MCOUNTDOWN stage, getting almost 50K quotes dragging his hideous vocal and for breaking the record of the biggest free fall in Hot 100 history, falling -44 positions from #1 in its second week.

Jimin solo fans were exposing themselves on Twitter/X, due to a PJMs saying how she and many fans are using fraudulent methods on Spotify. Other PJMs were mad at this fan, so they attacked her to delete her post because people could see it and drag them and Jimin for being a fraud.

Streaming farms from Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam and China were working hard for ‘Like Crazy’ to hit 1 billion streams. Even with Spotify being banned in China, chinese PJMs were using VPNs to help the song to reach 1B streams on the platform and re-enter on the Hot 100 and Spotify US after the song left the U.S. charts.

Lilies really were the standard of loops and fraudulence, but now PJMs are leading in fraudulence and bots.

After PJMs were looping and botting ‘Like Crazy’ to 1B for a whole year, the song finally reached the milestone, but all this is thanks to Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam and China fans using VPNs, streaming farms and bots.

Due to this fraudulence, ‘Like Crazy’ became the song by a male artist with the highest filtering rate in Spotify history with 40%. This situation brings to mind the case of Lisa from BLACKPINK, who has the highest filtering rate in history, with 50%. The fraudulent sisters are now members of the billion club playlist on Spotify, with the highest filtering rates among all of the other songs with 1 billion.

Lisa & Jimin are a living example of what a fraudulent and inorganic artist is, using bots, streaming farms and VPN to chart and get fraudulent streams. Lilies and PJMs, both fandom used fraudulence for their 1 billion plaques.

And also, Jimin’s fraudulence in the U.S. got various streaming platforms tired of it, that’s why they filtered sales on Billboard and suspended fraudulent accounts on Pandora.

Billboard made an article to expose artists that charted fraudulently on their charts, thanks to mass buying, bots and VPN sales, and Jimin was one of these artists. They were so tired of the fraud, that’s why they changed many rules of their charts to end the fraudulence.

So are Jimin and Lisa a fraud? yes, they are and nobody can beat the two most inorganic and fraudulent K-Pop idols, carried by streaming farms, bots and VPN from Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam and China (a country that has almost every global music streaming platforms banned).

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