Are Korean people uneducated about World’s History ?

The question of whether Korean people are uneducated about world history is a contentious one, and one that has been debated for years. While it is true that some Koreans may have limited knowledge about certain aspects of world history, it is unfair to make sweeping generalizations about an entire population.

One example that is often cited when discussing this issue is the Korean perception of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Some have argued that many Koreans are unaware of the atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II, and that this is indicative of a broader lack of education about world history.

However, it is important to consider the context in which this perception exists. Korea was a colony of Japan during World War II, and many Koreans were forced to fight and die for the Japanese Empire. As a result, the Korean perspective on the war is understandably different from that of other nations.

Furthermore, it is important to note that education in Korea has changed significantly over the years. In recent decades, there has been a renewed emphasis on teaching world history in Korean schools. This has included a greater focus on topics such as the Holocaust and other atrocities committed during World War II.

While it is true that some Koreans may still lack knowledge about certain aspects of world history, it is unfair to make sweeping generalizations about the entire population. Instead, it is important to consider the historical and cultural context in which these perceptions exist, and to acknowledge the efforts that have been made to improve education in Korea.

For Chaeyoung’s Nazi t-shirt case, it’s difficult to believe her. She wore several Times in the US and even in front of Kim Petras ( a German female singer)

It’s even more hard to believe that none of her members and staff noticed it.

However, it is clear that efforts are being made to improve education in Korea, and that the perception of Korea as being uneducated about world history is an oversimplification of a complex issue.

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They just dont care about others. They think south korea is centre of the world


It is the case with most monoracial countries


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Bravo 👏

Ladyboy lisa

What article is this?? Where the comment 😂😂😂

Ladyboy lisa

Need to stop with all this fan post…give proper article on this issue

spicy spice

they are just careless. they give it a pass if it was other countries’ histories but went mad for sure when someone messing up with their history. esp with japan’s rising sun flag thingy.


Korean people will throw a fist if they saw someone wearing a rising sun flag, but they be wearing the most offensive $hit to other cultures and people. Smh

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fr it’s as if they’re living in a bubbl and acting like we’re downplaying issues of the rising sun flag as well

Ladyboy lisa

Vice versa too


Are western people uneducated about korean’s history?


I don’t think it’s okay to generalize all of them but it’s just like any part of the worlds tbh like there are people who only knows part of world history that involves their country and they don’t bother to read more history of other parts of the world, just like how there are people who don’t know how bad the rising sun flag is because they don’t learn about it at school and they don’t bother to check out or read more on stuffs like this. Bottom line is these people , not just South Koreans are ignorant as hell and it’s time for them and us to be more knowledgeable when it comes to stuffs like this, don’t just stuck with what we learned at school and continue to read more and gain knowledge.

It’s a basic thing to do anyway especially if you’re going to a foreign country for a first time, you just don’t buy a ticket and go shopping. Please read stuffs regarding thst country, the dos and don’ts , what places you can visit and places that you can’t visit as a foreigner, there are some gestures that you often make or sees in your country might be offensive in that foreign country you visit.

Like if you can access Internet easily everywhere and anytime, surely you can google about these stuffs , be more knowledgeable

Taste that savage

Since when is Kim petras a female?


Since dozenpink exists

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I don’t think that we should assume everyone Korean is ignorant. Saying that “Koreans are ignorant” literally sounds just as ignorant and is a massive generalization. World War 2 affected many nations. Imperial Japan invaded and colonized Korea and Nazi Germany was their (Imperial Japan’s) ally. It’s insane to try and say that the swatstik and Hakenkreuz are the same thing. There’s clear distinct differences and the fact that Chae Young wore it multiple times even in a Jewish owned restaurant without considering WHERE she was is tasteless at best, inconsiderate and anti-Semitic at worst.

Her apology is not mine to accept, but with the limited Korean I know, I can tell there was much more sincerity in her tone in Korean than in English. And Koreans weren’t even the crowd she offended.

If idols are going to advance in the west, take money from westerners, then they need to be aware of certain offenses they could commit while abroad. The same could be said for any western celebrity who comes to promote in an Asian country. Don’t wear symbols or insignia that could offend the cultures.


Not the Chaeyoung defenders out here making posts. Boo! Boo! Go defend your shameless idol somewhere else!

crack corn

cry more


West is not equal to whole world


WWII occurred almost a century ago, unless you’re Jewish quit being offended for them.
You rarely hear this much butthurt from the actual victims of the actual atrocity.
This outrage is more of obsessive kpop stans that thrives on hate, the very purpose of the symbol, hate.

Live your life, be less bitter, and recognize that we are only human.


I think Koreans are educated on the acts that Nazi Germany committed against people, however they’re not educated on the imagery. They likely focus heavily on Japanese imagery in their history. For instance I’m American and I had no idea the rising sun carries the image it does in Asia, but I know about the acts the Japanese Army committed to Asians.




They know about it all, they just don’t care if it didn’t affect them!! but watch them lose their sh*t at the moment that a western artists use smth with a rising sun flag..

funk yo mama

the prince of england wore a nazi costume, he apologized and people moved on
the only problem here are these unhinged kpop stans trying to get someone to do a sulli

Putang Ina

Yes. I’ve been to SK, talk to them and befriend them, they’re such uneducated brutes and don’t bother to learn other people history and culture.

Honestly, i regretted befriending them.

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