Are there any idol concerts you went to even though you weren’t a fan?

I used to go to Big Bang’s concertㅋㅋㅋ I want to go to IU’s concert..

1. I went to BLACKPINK’s concert

2. Seventeen, I went to their concert once

3. IU!

4. IU

5. I went with my friend to Seventeen’s concert, it’s been 3-4 years but it’s still the best concert of my life

6. VIXX and Sunggyu!

7. IU

8. Taeyeon

9. IU, Red Velvet

10. BTOB

11. B.A.P…

12. Day6, IU!

13. BoA

14. Lovelyz

15. IU, I went and became a fan ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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why tf would i go to a concert of an artist i’m not a fan of? 😐



  1. Invited by a friend
  2. Friend’s treat
  3. Free concert
  4. Bored so went to a concert of an artist you only casually listen to
Chubby Guest

You seem poor.


Went to Beast and 2NE1 because of free tickets. Came in as a non fan and came out the same lol. I’ll probably attend Blackpink’s next year as my nieces’ chaperone. Pray for me 😅


Exo. I went there to accompany my exol sister who back then was underage (not even senior HS yet)


I wouldn’t waste my money or time on a kpop concert I wasn’t a fan of, on the contrary, when I was a kid I went to a Pharrell/ NERD and Paramore concerts and walked out fans. The tickets were free from my dads job. I discovered a lot of good music that way.

But I wasn’t done…

A kpop concert could be free and right down the street and I still wouldn’t go. Only BTS, Dean and a select few solo acts can move me.


You are so special

But I wasn’t done…

Thanks… I really needed that 🥲


Went to a festival in korea that had a bunch of idols and wasnt a fan of any kpop groups. Hmmm lets just say turned me off kpop even more at the time.

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