“Are they bullying Liz?” Netizens talk about Liz’s part in IVE’s pre-release song ‘KITSCH’

Liz’s part in IVE’s pre-release song ‘KITSCH’

1. Starship, what are you doing with Liz?

2. Liz’s pronunciation and vocals are really good, I feel bad for her

3. Are they bullying Liz????

4. Is it because she didn’t lose weight?

5. Isn’t Liz the best singer in IVE? Why did they do this to Liz?

6. I’m not a fan, but I’m listening to the song, but it’s ridiculousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t the discrimination too harsh? What the hell is 6 seconds for the main vocalist?

7. They treat the best singer like that just because of her looks… It’s like the company slaps IVE’s image and says they only focus on looks

8. What??? 6 seconds??? No, what is this… Why did they do that to the main vocalist???

9. I hope she has more parts in the title song ㅠㅠ I like Liz’s voice….

10. They should use Liz to save the song

11. Liz has a good voice and she sings live best in IVE, Starship is crazy

12. Let the members who sing well have many parts. This will make it easier to hear. I’m a listener, not a fan

13. All the members except her can’t sing, Liz is so pitiful

14. Liz sings live well and she’s the most talented

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I thought netizen was exaggerating again but damn . She barely sing in the song and her screen time it’s worst . Well visual it’s really something nowadays. You can’t survive if you’re not pretty . And beauty privilege is real .you don’t even need talent anymore just bring a pretty face to the table and you would eat all the dessert .

except her

didn’t these roaches fat shame liz previously? now they’re attacking the group? how typical of an anti behavior


it’s obvious she’s getting punished for gaining weight.. starship is so cruel it’s 2023, it’s not like she’s on drugs or dating….

spicy spice

look at the title, aren’t u guys also bullying her bcs of her weight?


these netizens are the ones keep giving her bad feedback until it gets out of hands but now they pity her when the company gives them the side effect of their bad feedback


If you don’t know them, you’d think they have 5 members. Starship is playing favourite and it shows.


they are definitely doing it and their group mates enable it


she is fat though

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