Aren’t Aespa’s stage outfits a bit boring this time??

Aren’t Aespa’s stage outfits a bit boring this time??

There is a huge difference in quality compared to previous outfits

They’re too boring to be performance outfits, and it feels like they’re just wearing them for girls without paying attention to their body shapes

1. All those outfits are weird…

2. Wow what’s up with those outfits?

3. They don’t look like stage outfits…

4. I think they could have dressed better, but what a pity ㅠㅠ

5. I think so too…ㅠ They are so young, they could have dressed better…

6. The outfits in the second picture are so bad ㅠ I think these kids would look better in casual clothes

7. I feel like they’ve lost their sense of season, I thought it was autumn

8. I feel like they can’t take advantage of their charms

9. Are long jean skirts back in trend these days?

10. The outfits of the b-side song are prettier than the outfits of the title song…

11. Only Giselle doesn’t dress well..

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Washed plastic grandmas


Their stage outfits for spicy have all been a miss so far. I wonder if they have a new set of outfits for next week.

Switch out their coordi team, SM! And the team in charge of their hair too like I can hear Kar-Win’s scalps being abused by those extensions from all the way over here geez

dot com bubble

Winter in the second picture looking like she’s going to church 💀 SM what are you doing

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