Aren’t the fandoms of 4th generation female idols bigger than the fandoms of 4th generation male idols?

According to domestic standards

1. What are you talking about? Are you saying this just by looking at digital music?

2. No matter how big the fandom of female idols is, it’s not as big as male idols

3. No 4th generation male idol has a big fandom

4. I don’t know…

5. Which girl group do you think it is? I really don’t know

6. I disagree

7. Just because female idols do well on the charts doesn’t mean they have big fandoms

8. But aren’t rookie girl groups more popular than rookie boy groups in the 4th generation?

9. Male idols sell more albums

10. I’m not sure

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yes hi

this year, 4th gen gg’s has proved they can sell a lot of albums & concerts/festivals. times change

Aunty Momina

yall speak just to speak😭😭acting like skz isn’t selling 3M sales of album charting on the billboard 200 at #1 twice in a row this year…Korean charting is fair, sold out arena concerts back to back…doing a dome tour…having the highest revenue sales in their company…stop this your woke feminism act bc 4th gen ggs didn’t prove nothing but charting in Korea which is the only shit y’all possums see as “success” in an idol…that the only thing they need to do to be seen as successful is charting in Korea…like stop this shit it is embarrassing and laughable 😭😭


They didn’t say anything bad about bgs just that ggs are also doing well now and you just lost your mind 😭😭


Why tf are you so defensive when they said nothing bad about Kpop bgs? Jfc bg stans are so fcking delusional.


You only listed 1 group.. meanwhile there are a handfull of ggs breaking records and barriers for their categories while eating up the charts.

You sound insecure.


Even tho the ggps this year proved to be unbeatable still the fandoms of bgps are more stronger. Majority of ggps streams this year came from gp that helped them to secure wins and stability in charts and cause if good songs ppl bought their albums. But in the case of bgps majority of their streams sales came from their fandom which gave them wins in music shows.
Rn even tho on now many levels we look at it only ggps like bp and twice have fandoms comparable to bgps in terms of loyalty and size as well as dedication to stick to the grp even if the time is not going right. Aespa’s fandom also seems to go on the path of which bp and twice fandoms went so we can say aespa to be a fourth gen gg with bigger fandom than many fourth gen bgps. If ive and njns as well as lsfm gidle maintains good fandom next year then that will be awesome. Also Itzy’s fandom has also increased. Rn the some ggps fandom are coming in terms of how bgps fandom moves but it still have long way to go. Cause only last year ppl were stanning stayc and this year jumped onto ive njns lsfm when stayc failed to give good chart as well as song for them. It’s like rn the situation is of new shiny toy. But only time will tell which fourth gen ggps will maintain the fandom like how bp and twice are maintaining.


Another thing to add skz sales as well as ranking on votings were absolutely unbeatable eventho they didn’t get good chatting on Korean shows. This will help more to explain why with all the good charts and all ggps fandoms are still not on the level of bgps fandoms.


Not chatting it’s charting*


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