Armies Bullied and Harassed Spotify to change list on their favor

Earlier, Spotify has released their annual SpotifyWrapped. Along with it are the playlist containing the top artist, tracks for every genre. One playlist in particular has been inconsistent and has caused mayhem on Twitter. Twitter is a mess as to who really is the Most Stream Kpop Soloist for 2022 on Spotify.

Spotify has been back and forth releasing the playlist first as Jungkook from BTS topping then, corrected it and Lisa was on top all of a sudden. And just now, they changed it back to Jungkook.

Before the last update, Armies were deliriously upset and started doing petitions and trending tags on Twitter with #SpotifyCorrupt.

This may have lead for Spotify to change their playlist again for the 3rd time as the Armies were relentlessly & immorally attacking Spotify, some of its employees, and most importantly Lisa. The amount of sl*tshaming is appalling and she was heavily accused of sl*tting her way to be on top. Just for all this mess to be Spotify’s fault.

Armies are known to be bullies so do you think their way os effective no matter how immoral and unfair it is?

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From which fandom are you??
This site is allowing this kind of post for clicks?? Wow amazing.

Just FYI, Army got the record numbers of the streaming, we’re the one that got bullied by Spotify.


Obviously blackpinks or else they wouldn’t be so butthurt over it to write a user content article


She’s a Lisa solo stan. Click the name and it’ll show you ALL the articles they posted. LMAO. This is embarrassing.


Spotify DID make a mistake and they apologized, thats not bullying thats demanding accountability and fair results, grow tf up

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They did not apologize to Lisa and other girls, nor certain armys apologized for slut-shaming them. If you think that leaving slut-shaming/misogynistic/xenophobic comments about the pinks is ok, it’s you who should grow tf up.

no name

blinks way of demanding an apology is to turn around and do the same thing they’re supposedly against right? check the replies and quotes of updated most streamed kpop soloist post. that fandom is horrible, they even posted tweets pretending to be armys just to slutshame their own fave. when will that fandom be held accountable??


Shut up!! BLINKS HAVE BEEN slut shaming JK and other members. We have records of death wishes and death treats from Blinks.. Am I appalled by this nope not at all. If the shoe fits.


Blanks need to deal with their own fandoms extreme environment of slutshaming before trying to hold others accountable


Was the one who post this blonk? Armys clearly demand answer : Why for Lisa..its ok to add her collab tracks but for Jungkook and Jhope, its not?! And we have valid reason as that head of spotify guy was known to be an acquaintance of your fav. The list was changed suddenly.


Obviously lol


call out their mistake, not slut-shame Lisa and other girls. You think it’s ok for them to claim that they slept their way to to make it to this list?




I say they deserved to be spammed by us ☝🏻 why they count collabs for other artists’ streams but they removed collabs’ stream from bts’ streams and only them like shit doesn’t make sense.

spotify already said they made a mistake tho , you blinks just should shut up


You can spam them, but why the heck do you slut-shame Lisa? Go read all the disgusting comments they left. Do you really think it’s ok???


Fvck monkeisa


spotify apologized and admit it was a mistake. if it weren’t for how vocal armys were, future mistake affecting your little kpopie dolls won’t be heard. slutshaming aren’t okay but I don’t see anyone making a post when it’s any of bts member was the target. after this please tell your friends to stop the insults to bts too, then we’ll talk.


They don’t make posts like this because bts members are not women and they don’t get slut-shamed for every single achievement? You are making it seem like slut shaming is not that big of a deal. Obviously the mistake should be corrected, but not this way.

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no name

they do get slutshamed by your fandom ALOT. the amount of r*pe jokes your fandom posted when it came to bts going to military are literally there. Blinks are known for being bullies and vile not only to bts but to other ggs as well. The fandom needs to held accountable they dont get a pass just because they stan blackpink.


You must be very ignorant! Twitter is filled with post from Blinks slut shaming JK and other members every day but ya’ll cry when we turn up the heat. Don’t start twitter wars that you can’t handle. We are not stupid nor ignorant /toxic but we will be all those things I mentioned to protect our boys from anyone ‼️ Blinks have been harassing and cyber bullying BTS members all the years when we reciprocate it becomes a problems. How hypocritical of you.


I know your mouth biting with all the lies you just spilled


admin of this site why are yall letting anyone post articles on here?

“Spotify has been back and forth releasing the playlist first as Jungkook from BTS topping then, corrected it and Lisa was on top all of a sudden. And just now, they changed it back to Jungkook”
So unfairly giving the #1 spot to a friend of an executive of Spotify is “correcting” the chart but giving it to the rightful holder of the record is not? 😭 go away blink


What kind of bully when all we do just demanding them to be fair about their streams calculations, why they cut the numbers of streams of bts, why remove collab songs from bts’s stream calculations only but other artists who also have collab songs don’t, why removed them from the top artist playlist when they were placed in top 5??? don’t ever try to play data with armys, we have our own team that calculates and monitors all of Bangtan’s achievements on charts, because we have been cheated many times before by the industry. So when something like this happens we have valid data to confront you all.


Army badmouthing Lisa since yesterday and Lisa should get apologies from them. It is Spotify’s fault but Armies keep s*ut shaming to Lisa. So fed up with them..


as if blackpork stan didnt harassing bts member as well. how disguisting mentality you are


Twicepork stans inserting themselves again


lol blackpork speechless, rotten blackpork

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Even your fandom bathmouthing each member who isn’t your solo bias. As if we don’t know Lisa’s haters mainly come from other members solo stan.

WhatsThe Point

It’s so obvious BTS member collabs were not counted, we bullied them into accepting they made an error. Who knows what else has missed our attention, we were able to notice this cuz we keep track of our numbers


AS THEY’s been a long time spotify is bitching about BTS’s numbers & we’re not gonna tolerate such clownery anymore.any platform should collect their shit properly & stop playing with army’s nerve.same for youtube with their obvious acts.


blackpork stan indeed disguisting, their playing victim act is so fkin severe 🤮


lmao the numbers speak for themselves. we don’t need to bully or bribe someone to get bts what they deserve. we simply protested over the wrong stats. anyways jeon jungkook most streamed kpop soloist of 2022 and stream indigo and dreamers y’all


Spotify needs to apologize to Lisa, they got Lisa slutshamed and got racist remarks from disgusting armys,


blonk deserve to be sl*tsh*mming tho, i pity lisa she has a lots fans w degrading mentality 🤮


Who knows Jeremy oppa already apologies to her in person…🙂


How is it bullying and harassing when the record belong to jungkook in the first place?? They were right the first time and then wanted to think they can pull a fast one on armys and think no one would notice. Yall want to act like victims acting like blinks aren’t the ones also celebrating and shaming jk for being outstreamed by Lisa when she didn’t.


Kissing Spotify’s ass because they are goody goody with VP HSHSHSHSHHS what a desperate attempt made and deserve btw should’ve been before lol

Real Walaun

They need to open their legs like blackpink too 😭😭😭


I am Army and I stan Jungkook but this comment is offensive. Please refrain as we do not need to put others down in our quest for justice. That is not what BTS represents!


Yes it’s effective because justice got served. If Army stayed silent and let this blatant sabotage slide, truth would never be revealed and Jungkook will not get what is due to him. Also, please Blinks are #1nastiest fandom and slutshame every other girl group everyday like it’s their breakfast, so don’t start. JUNGKOOK MOST STREAMED SOLOIST


This is written by a blink and we have the numbers to match

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the person who posted this is more than likely a loser


I have nothing to apologize for, I never spoke ill of her, because honestly I don’t care about her or her group mates. I only went after Spotify, who took away what belonged to Jungkook and Bangtan. If anything, it’s Spotify who has to apologize to her for putting her on the spot. 


and Spotify deserved it

Your name

Oh no, poor big corporation Spotify is a victim of bullying 🙁


This was so posted by a blonk. Theyvafe so used to manipulated numbers that boost their fav they dont understand what integrity is. If it was the other way around i would have understood instead of blinks ttying to then this into misogyny or racism issue when its nkt .

Fact: jk was listed as #1 kpop soloist
Fact: they took him off and didnt count his collabs
FACT: They took off bts collabs but still counted collabs for bp and members
Fact: if they were not counting collabs, then jhope would be #1 soloist

There were so many red flags and it only affected bts? Do you know how many artists do collabs? Was it not counted for any of them? No JUST BTS so ARMYS have a right to be mad and have reason to raise the alarm but blinks….”omg they cant just be happy a woman is on top” …effing idiots


Why is this site allowing biased fans to post inaccurate posts😭 all the data is right there. With all credits it’s JK. With only lead credits it’s J-Hope. In NO SCENERIO would Lisa be number 1.


BTS EDUCATE your disgusting fans


But 1st, let’s have the dozen chicks improved their lazy unprofessional half assed stage presence & performances 😊


You misspelled BP, whore

no name

the title and the article seems to insinuate that them correcting their mistake was because they were “bullied.” which is incorrect. the data is there. even if they took the features away jhope would’ve been the most streamed soloist. they were wrong and rightfully called out on that. as far as the slutshaming you can’t call out slutshaming of someone else when that is something Blinks participate in on a daily whther its against members of bts or other ggs. if you want one to be held accountable then ALL should be held accountable. Lisa was not meant to be first and thats that.


Can pannkpop put upvote and downvote on this site too. Don’t worry i will do it myself.

Use this comment as UPVOTE.




☝️Blonks when their dozens sidechicks are always below BTS foot 🤣🤣 we love to see it 🤣

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Twink blinks shouldn’t be alllowed to breed. That level of stupidity and pathetic energy shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce


Not slvtlisa stans making such an obvious article lmaoo


LMAOO making us the bullies and villain here, nothing new. Fyi, it was originally Jungkook’s and we’re just demanding it back becoz the streams on Liza we’re baseless since JK has the most streams for all we know.


A mistake was made, Army challenged it, then Spotify corrected it. That should have been it! Yet there is wrongdoing by members of both fandoms. BTS represents justice, love and honour to all. Blackpink and BTS are likely friends and fans of each other. Let us respect both groups and not make a mockery of them by engaging in disrespectful and demeaning exchanges. The world needs more kindness, not less!


We have numbers to back up us. Lol


wow first time you see spotify correcting info and apologizing..

they always makes mistakes like that but they never apologize, its cool someone finally puts spotify in their place


The admin of pannkpop needs to rot in hell i’m not even kidding

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