Armies Bullied and Harassed Spotify to change list on their favor

Earlier, Spotify has released their annual SpotifyWrapped. Along with it are the playlist containing the top artist, tracks for every genre. One playlist in particular has been inconsistent and has caused mayhem on Twitter. Twitter is a mess as to who really is the Most Stream Kpop Soloist for 2022 on Spotify.

Spotify has been back and forth releasing the playlist first as Jungkook from BTS topping then, corrected it and Lisa was on top all of a sudden. And just now, they changed it back to Jungkook.

Before the last update, Armies were deliriously upset and started doing petitions and trending tags on Twitter with #SpotifyCorrupt.

This may have lead for Spotify to change their playlist again for the 3rd time as the Armies were relentlessly & immorally attacking Spotify, some of its employees, and most importantly Lisa. The amount of sl*tshaming is appalling and she was heavily accused of sl*tting her way to be on top. Just for all this mess to be Spotify’s fault.

Armies are known to be bullies so do you think their way os effective no matter how immoral and unfair it is?

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