ARMYs (BTS fandom) tried to spread false rumours about Rosé of BLACKPINK but were instantly proven wrong

Recently, Rosé of BLACKPINK was spotted in a now deleted post, hanging out with a few influential names in the industry, like Riccardo Tisci, Kang Dong Won and Eva Chow, at the latter’s house. Though many fans of Rosé were glad to see her enjoying, a few people noticed some unusual things in the pictures which they claimed were drugs. This was later spread with malicious intent by others but were proven wrong instantly by BLINKs and FANSÉs (BLACKPINK and Rosé fandoms) who clarified that the design on the table in the picture was mistaken for illegal substances and the empty marble ash tray, which also has a design which is being confused for drugs, is always present at Eva Chow’s home, seen in the pictures shared by Eva Chow herself.

This rumour could have been seriously damaging to Rosé’s reputation and career. It may be the reason why other fandoms, majorly ARMYs, spread it, since they wanted to see Rosé’s and BLACKPINK’s downfall.

K-pop fandoms are becoming increasingly toxic. From hating on idols regularly on their personal social media accounts to spreading lies to defame them to even sending death threats and hate to idol’s family members, there are certainly no limits K-pop fans haven’t crossed. Idols and their companies should start taking action and call out people to prevent such incidents in the future.

EDIT: It was brought to attention that it was a BLINK who started this fake rumour, but the point is that ARMYs and even other fandoms like ONCEs (who spread hate towards everybody unnecessarily for no reason and always follow what ARMYs do) spread this with MALICIOUS intent, pointing out drugs when there weren’t any and lying straight through their teeth that they see drugs, despite being proven wrong.