Armys by never calling out jikookers have created a free pass to hate on Taehyung

the hate against taehyung from jikookers has been normalised , he can’t do a live or mention other members without getting attacked by them which most of them claim to be jimin solos

they freely calling him names on spaces and their gcs

however most of them are women over 30 y/o while having kids but armys never call out them and the hate against taehyung

defending taehyung ain’t solo behaviour hope this fandom notice

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Tbh, many OT7 stans ship Jikook since many of them are Jimin and Jungkook biased. Why do you think suddenly fanbases are active when those two release something and less active when it’s the other members? I mean, that’s not good but I don’t really care. But to hate on a person just because of a ship, my God, the delusions. Real people shippers are really some kind of a dumbass breed cause imagine hating on a person all because of an imagined “relationship” between two members like WTF. No, Felicia, these members are not boyfriends ugh.

Color color stan

Omg stfu? you’re literally a jikooker trying to defend your breed. all of you shippers are delusional, your ship is not real and will never be real 🤮



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Color color stan

Why are you diverting the attention from jikook shippers so much??? like, atp, just admit you’re one of the delusional shippers.


No thanks. I’m not deranged like you


Idk what that means, but y’alls immature victimizing is definitely sad to watch. Writing whole user articles about a 50 year old hag like 🤡

K army

Ok i agree with u but when jk released dreamers so many ot7 accounts web to rest u don’t know that?


Remember when stay alive was released? Compare it with jin and V’s osts.

Color color stan

Lol you’re one of those shippers, aren’t you? cause why tf are you defending them? all of them are rotten, stop pointing fingers because they’re all trash anyway who deserve to be called out istg shippers are idiots who never touched grass


How about you all stop posting Twitter fanwars here.
Only people who are chronically online care about these fanwars.


Armys big accounts are runned by jikookers. No wonder they’d never called out V antis


You are part of those jikookers? Or maybe a pjm? Always trying to belittle the hate he is receiving as you think it is normalized.

WhatsThe Point

The fact that in his recent live tae mentioned jk, jin, hobi and jm. But he got hate for mentioning jk.. and then armys didn’t even see that hate.
The very moment jm got hate, they started calling out taekookers.

Like I hate those shippers, taekookers we’re vile, rightfully got called out but armys don’t have the same energy for jikookers. They’re equally vile if not more.
Tae gets hate for anything, hate for posting, hate for not posting.

Color color stan

So it’s alright if jikookers are not called out for hating on taehyung because they’re not as big???? you’re a jikooker just admit it with the way you keep trying to divert the attention from your delusional ship


What are you talking about? I suggest you calm tf down and read again. No one said they shouldn’t be called out, just that ofc the BIGGER ship will obviously get called out MORE for the reasons I’ve already mentioned. That’s only natural. And jikookers do get called out too? Or who do you think people are talking about when they talk about toxic ship(s) plural?


Bro literally i’ve seen more big ot7 acc calling out jm haters/antis more than they ever did to tae, that great tho you calling out antis, but this energy for tae nowhere to be seen, and when some acc finally speak up about the hate tae get once y’all crying? And for what? This not about competition lol


This not about competition lol” that’s my point exactly! But the way y’all are talking here, getting pressed when someone says both ships are equally problematic and that a lot of member hate doesn’t get seen by the fandom, it sounds like you think it is. A competition of making your bias the biggest or only victim


there’s no competition but there IS difference,some too obvious difference in how armys find a troll in the far corner of twitter hating on jimin & shatter them (good job though) but the massive smear campaign against taehyung that was directly effecting daily articles about him & i’ve heard even made to the news was ignored by big army accs till now like those thick skinned btches needed WHAT to move their ass??
know time & place.u can call out taekookers the whole year.this is about we shut down taehyung’s haters jikooker or any btch.there’s no plural.wrap up that “all shippers” for now.this is not about putting these too mfs on equel scale,this is about taehyung.for fvck’s sake just for once,focus on taehyung.
these stupid arguments shows shts like jikookers being called out more than taekookers & vice versa breaks yall’s heart more than what taehyung is going through.

Teenaged puppy

I agree to a certain degree. Armys will ignore hate Tae gets in particular. But then again they also ignore all his projects so at least they’re consistent


is it just me or have their been A LOT of bts solos recently esp today… i’ve been seeing them on army chart accounts and even on my tl


it’s been like this since 2018 tbh but ever since bts started their solo activities last year, they’ve been showing up a lot more tbh and it’s kind of expected especially when all these solo debuts are being closely released to each other cause 98% of them live to compare the achievements of their bias with other members


Accounts were disguised as ot7 but now they don’t even hide. The unfair treatment fandom gave to some members lead to more solos.


Its always the same lol if you call out tae antis you are a jm anti, jk anti. Jm stans are so toxic always victimising jimin trying to make it seem like he is the only one who gets hate. And if anyone ever so slightly defend tae they’ll attack him like nobody’s business they are the most toxic breed ever

Color color stan

No fr, when jimin was getting hate from trash taekookers and kpoppies, most “ot7” armys were tweeting left and right defending him. in fact they even defended a jimin akgae who hates on other members just because they donated to the funds. but all of a sudden people are now defending taehyung from trash jikookers and all who defended him are suddenly being called antis 💀


I always see armys defending jimin, his solos are the worst.


most armys tend to ignore the shipper side of this fandom tbh esp maknae line ships, like yeah they rted stuffs from jikookloops taekookloops, vminloops like that but the actual fanaccs of shippers with those symbols and emojis in their dn and bio.. yeah armys tend to ignore that side tbh and I think it’s why they’re getting worst as the years goes by tbh. I mean humanlouvreheart still get like shit tons of followers and big accs of armys have been calling them out or trying to report but they’re still here , their fanarts still get like thousands of likes.

I think it’s time for them to acknowledge how worst has it been from that side of army tbh. The thing is we can’t control on other apps tho like ig armys that are maknae line shippers cause we barely can control them when it comes to promote the members’ solo stuffs.


sorry not related to this article specifically but i find it so hilarious how this site turned from normal korean article translations with comments that were very chill to armys/blinks/solo stans of either making posts of stuff that doesn’t matter in the real world and putting them through here in order to feel some sort of validation as well as an even more toxic comment section than pannchoa. like i’m not reading all this but i can tell you right now no one cares about it outside of twitter


oh my 😭 please go to school so you can learn how to form a proper sentence that isn’t regurgitated from every other person on stan twitter. you’re a sheep LMAO


Let’s not forget it was Japanese Jikookers who started that smear campaign against Taehyung last year and it was Jikookers who were behind the spreading of that malicious rumor because they wanted to harm Taehyung and in their words “save Jikook from Taehyung”. Their hate for him has no limits.



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In what world are u living? All big accs are jimin biased and regularly call out taekook shippers. They even tried to take BB to supreme court.


LOL what did they say? All I see is ‘U’.


They edited it after she called out. Cowards lol


Most armys are jimin biased followed by jungkook biased, when you call out shippers idols name is also dragged that’s why big accounts rarely call out jikookers. Big accounts energy is on another level when jikook releases something, tells a lot about their preferences but big accounts aren’t whole fandom, taehyung is huge in Asia why don’t his fans support him on their own instead of waiting for big accounts command? Just ignore haters.

fed up

Most armys are jikook bias or diet non-ot7 jikook supporters thats why the hate against Taehyung from jikookers never gets addressed and has grown to this extent. Armys won’t call out these Tae antis unless you buIIy them into it.


last year,at the time he had some event goin on (idr what) & the smear campaign running too,i asked an army acc about it & most of the replies were whining about his solostans & ig follower differences & some even called me solo stan &…




And the ask why Tae has so many solo stans, it’s bc they have given up on this fandom, tbh it’s funny to me that these pajamas have been using jk stans for so long but they can’t see it, like those jokers only defend jm and support him at the end of the day, but they want to gain from jk using the shipper thing, it’s always been jk and Tae in the most popular debate, but somehow using the shipping thing, pajamas have entered the conversation been carried on jk’s back

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