Armys flood Hwaeomsa Temple website with “fake” negative reviews after BTS’ RM Instagram stories

BTS’ RM recently visited the Hwaeomsa Temple in Mount Jirisan. Taking to Instagram, the rapper posted pictures from the visit to the temple. However, soon after his visit, many articles were published on the internet that quoted the temple’s chief monk who had spent some time talking to RM. According to the Korean media, RM talked about his military enlistment and other personal affairs to the monk.

Later RM posted a screenshot of the article along with a caption that said he was surprised articles were written about his private visit. “I was grateful for the time spent there, but didn’t expect an article about it,” he captioned the post with a laughing emoji.

Following that, RM responded to those invading his privacy, saying, “Next time I’ll make a quiet visit to a different temple,” and “lowkeymustbelowkey.” He also deleted all posts that included pictures from his visit to the temple.  Armys were so upset and angry that some of them started leaving bad reviews about Hwaeomsa Temple on Tripadvisor website. 

Things were getting out of hand when suddenly one person started asking everyone to stop posting those fake reviews but unfortunately they were attacked too by some fans. The reviews with unnecessary hate are still on the website and they haven’t been deleted.

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