Armys sl*tshaming BLACKPINK for getting the bare minimum promo on spotify, forgetting BTS had spotify deals since 2019 and great playlisting inmediately after release

Armys have been constantly sl*tshaming, bodyshaming and spreading vile LIES and DEFAMATION about BLACKPINK members all over every single online portal, just so they can channel their frustrations for not achieving their goals and placing the blame in 4 korean women instead of blaming themselves, lack of focus and obsession with hating BLACKPINK. 

This has been going on FOR YEARS, in 2018 they where calling them wh*res and sl*ts over yt views (that BP still mantain consistently) then in 2019 they shifted their focus to Spotify to the point of spreading the lie that KTL had ADS and thats why it was getting streams, lie that was quickly exposed and ended with an Army writing a letter of apology (the edited picture of the supposed AD, had BLACKPINK name writed wrong), then they started to spread the VILE lie that BLACKPINK members where sleeping with Jeremy Erlich, saying he was the CEO of spotify and that was the reason of BLACKPINK success. ALL LIES, Jeremy isnt CEO of spotify, his role isnt even related with playlisting, he hanged out with BP a couple of times just like he hangs out with tons of other western artists, from bad bunny to dua Lipa to gracie addams etc etc. NOW they are spreading the LIE that a FORMER CEO of YG had a meeting with Jeremy, JJ joe RESIGNED from his position on YG USA more than a YEAR AGO, and he is friends with Jeremy since Before BLACKPINK even had debuted or signed with an US label, BOTH of them know eo cus they studied together

ARMYS claimed BP where sl*ts cus they had a 1 week spotify premium deal. They forgot about the 60 days deal that BTS had back in 2019? Do they forget BTS last comeback Yet To Come was added as soon as was released to the biggest Spotify playlist TTH? Last BTS cb Spotify had a whole collab to promote for more than a week their album,even designing a whole interactive website for them and armys

Why when BLACKPINK has normal promotion that almost all artist get, (Olivia Rodrigo got a interactive car wash promo in collab with Spotify for example) the same fandom that has been harassing them since 2018, calls them sl*t, wh*res, bodyshame them and spread disgusting baseless rumors about them? Why they cant leave them alone, BLACKPINK doesn’t even know when they chart or not, they don’t care about numbers, why they have to be subjected to the most VILE and DISGUSTING s*xual harassment just because a fandom full of insecure women with parasocial relationship issues cannot accept that they are successful because they work hard are talented and have a big fandom supporting them + the general public attention

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