As a fan of SM, you have to hope HYBE wins, right?

If Kakao and CJ win, SM will be torn apart, right?

1. I’m a fan of SM, I choose Kakao

2. Any company has its pros and cons, just wait

3. Hmm… I don’t know either

4. CJ denied the rumors

5. 85% of SM employees hate HYBE, looks like they like Kakao

6. Both companies have their pros and cons

7. I think HYBE is better… SM will be fine if HYBE takes over

8. HYBE is better than Kakao

9. CJ is a fan of Japan, Kakao is a fan of China.. At least HYBE will be able to deal with China..

10. Me too, HYBE is better

11. From a fan’s point of view, I think you’re right

12. HYBE is better if you think for idols

13. I think it would be better if HYBE took over SM

14. If it’s Kakao + CJ, it’s a long battle

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spicy spice

their pride must be hurt so bad if hybe won the battle lol.

Lazy Banana

For years they’ve been looking down on non-Big 3 companies and suddenly the largest shareholder is one of those companies. Their pride is really hurting lol.


nah, nobody hates this more than SM stans.. they’re watching their company get swallowed by a rival company that they dislike, pretty sure their pride is hurt.. I’m more curious what hybe stans think.. aren’t they worried for their faves?

Logic Thinker

As someone who Stan more hybe groups for SM is better Hybe… they will have more connection in the us too and surely more comebacks.

I hate sm but mostly for LSM and some artist but to keep the history of the company is better Hybe even tho i don’t like them being associated with SM.
That poll on “blind” was just kinda 200 employees not the whole company so that’s the mediaplay kakao like to do.

Kakao is the most dangerous corporate in Korea and Koreans hate them now since they are basically a monopoly over the internet.


Stf4 hybe stan. Both are dangerous.


worried about what?


My faves are in hybe. this will affect sm and not hybe so im not worried at all i guess. I don’t like sm at all but like sm stans crying make me laugh. hybe artists are doing so well and their future seem bright. Just how would it turn bad for them? Hybe has a lot of groups and they’re doing well to compare with other companies who usually can only focus on 2 groups max. Like tbvh aside from their pride getting trempled, hybe is much better than kakao don’t yall think so? The employees only hate it bc they want to protect their pride, not the products/artists. Pretty sure they won’t quit their job over this so just what can the employees do aside from just saying they hate it?


Hybe has independent labels so it doesn’t really matter what the parent company is up to as long as they have enough money to fund the labels 🤷🏽‍♀️


Why would you think hybe fans are worried? Hybe companies all work separately, unlike SM that takes turns on having management teams.
SM is the only ones to gain here, and hybe groups lose nothing.


majority of them prefers kakao from what I see on Twitter, kinda wants Hybe to pull back and let Kakao wins so I can see what they actually want to do with SM.

Logic Thinker

How is the majority when that poll was basically on Blind and not all the staff voted. It’s a small portion of the staff… sm Stan’s and hybe Stan’s don’t want to have nothing to do with each others but hybe is the better solution for SM.. since Koreans hate kakao and the image of sm will go down if they win this. The hostile takeover is from Kakao/Align not Hybe


wait when I’m talking about majority, I don’t mean the staffs , I was talking about fans of sm groups on Twitter and other social media… they prefer Kakao . I’m not talking about the staffs , I know 33% agreed with Hybe’s takeover, around 67% didn’t even participate in the voting and the remaining are the one who agreed on Kakao’s takeover.

Logic Thinker

I dont want to be associated with sm… but for the sake of fair competition Hybe is less dangerous than Kakao. Everything hybe does is by the law .. kakao has been for example fined by the fair trade commission for the mobility app yesterday … idk kakao it the worst case scenario for SM and Hybe pays more for example… they can help raise the pays for the staff


Knowing the type of mediaplay kakao has been doing I don’t want them to get more power with one of the biggest players in K-pop


I don’t know the contract details from either side so imma stay away from this matter and hope the card plays on the favour of my faves. That’s it.


Don’t do it HYBE let SM deal with their own shit and continue to flop


Don’t over think, hybe have so many labels including the ones who mange JB & BTS, so don’t worry abt SM, they are just ONE of the many labels Hybe owned


For all the SM staff and all SM fans it must be really disappointing see this thing happening
at the time when SM is actually doing better than they have ever done as a company. They have been earning record breaking profits in 2021 and 2022.
If this was happening because SM is doing badly as a company and are in huge downfall or whatever and need someone to save them like some people seem to think it would be more understandable and acceptable situation.

Last edited 1 month ago by yayo

I hate SM. They ruined AESPA.. I hope HYBE wins so the girls can actually have another comeback


Personally, I prefer sm acquired by hybe over kakao+cj

I don’t like the super chaebol holding even more power in the entire industry of the country, and me holding grudge on cj is not helping at all

This is like biden-trump situasion. Both are evil so you have to choose what you think “the less evil”


I don’t care as long as my groups are promoted with good songs/outfits— that has more to do with the specific team taking care of them.




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Just going off Blind posts SM workers hate hybe because it hurts they’re pride. One literally wrote that hybe had it easy because sm did the work for them and that SM was the #1 company blah blah blah. As a business perspective hybe or kakao is the same, new management is new management and both have their own bottom lines to feed above the desires of SM workers’ wishes. From what hybe proposed, it’s pretty much LSM is out you can figure out the rest so logically speaking there’s no reason to really hate hybe other than personal feelings


SM employees are outdated lazy xenophobic just kick them out like Elon Musk does

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As an SM stan (only of artists!) For many years, I prefer hybe. Both options are not great, but I think with hybe they can at least continue on consistently for music.
And they treat Taeyeon and D.O. better hopefully.

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