As a fan of SM, you have to hope HYBE wins, right?

If Kakao and CJ win, SM will be torn apart, right?

1. I’m a fan of SM, I choose Kakao

2. Any company has its pros and cons, just wait

3. Hmm… I don’t know either

4. CJ denied the rumors

5. 85% of SM employees hate HYBE, looks like they like Kakao

6. Both companies have their pros and cons

7. I think HYBE is better… SM will be fine if HYBE takes over

8. HYBE is better than Kakao

9. CJ is a fan of Japan, Kakao is a fan of China.. At least HYBE will be able to deal with China..

10. Me too, HYBE is better

11. From a fan’s point of view, I think you’re right

12. HYBE is better if you think for idols

13. I think it would be better if HYBE took over SM

14. If it’s Kakao + CJ, it’s a long battle

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