As it’s hard to get G-Dragon, his and Taeyang’s impersonators appear on WaterBomb festival stage

[enter-talk] GD who fell for  GGD

source: Pann

(GGD/GG-Dragon is a comedian who impersonates G-Dragon. His impersonation videos have been going viral in Korea for a while, featuring Taeyang impersonator Taeyangin.)

The world couldn’t wait for GD’s comeback, so now it’s so funny that  GD and Taeyang’s substitutes GGDxTaeyangin appeared at the WaterBomb festival.

A G-Dragon concert without G-Dragon. It’s legendary that as soon as ‘Crooked’s intro comes out, all the audience can sing along. 

Since the main character doesn’t make a comeback, his impersonator goes to baseball fields or to WaterBomb festival and sings his songs. 

Please come back, Kwon Jiyong. 

[+257, -28]

1.[+146, -6] It’s so funny that the general public can’t wait, so fake GD has to perform. Even if he’s in a cave, the public grabs him by the collar and pulls him outㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When will he come back?

2.[+84, -16] Bigbang and GD are the only male idols that the public can sing along to

(12 replies to these comment. Some of them says that there is also g.o.d., and some of them (reply to these comments) say that g.o.d. is not an idol group)

3.[+67, -4] It’s fun to see a GD concert without GD. His songs written by his heart were sung along to by heartㅇㅇ Isn’t it time to comeback?

4.[+59, -5] A few days ago in an interview, he said he will make a comeback and have a concert

5.[+52 -5] So, when are you coming back? 

6.[+30, 0] To be honest, there are a lot of entertainers who imitate and impersonate GD, and sometimes they cross the line. So, as a fan, sometimes I get annoyed but I really enjoyed this one. Even GD approved thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ