ATEEZ Yunho was spotted dating a non-celebrity

“Double hat + go to the concert?” … ATEEZ’s Yunho, dating a non-celebrity

On the 31st, a post titled “ATEEZ Yunho was caught with his girlfriend” was posted on Twitter

1. If you want to make money as an idol, don’t lie to your fans

2. He’s the same as Chen, is he planning to get married?

3. He can date anyone, but at least don’t cheat on his fans

4. He did a lot of damage to the group… I wonder how he feels?

5. They have few Korean fans anyway, their fans are all foreign fans, so they won’t care

6. Fans will be furious

7. He’s not a solo artist but a member of a group, he should have acted a little more carefully…

8. Why are there idols who don’t even care about their fans like that?ㅋㅋㅋ

9. You’re an idol, so why are you teasing us about dating? You can love quietly, what are you doing with the fans and the members?

10. Is he the most popular member of that group?

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But I wasn’t done…

Koreans need to get over idols dating publicly. This why their lyrics are trash because you don’t allow them any life experiences to sing it write about


“cheating on the fans” 💀💀💀


Can Knets stop being delulu for one second cause why tf would you categorize this as cheating like bruh… kpop idols are not gonna date y’all.


For a second I thought yunho was really dating his fans what is going on in these people ‘s heads😐😐😐

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