ATEEZ’s disastrous Coachella performance – BTS’ hardwork to give kpop a good reputation was destroyed in minutes!

ATEEZ just had their Coachella performance yesterday, and as expected, it was awful. What were the organizers even thinking when they invited them?

All they did was play their garbage music, and do not even get me started on the paper sword they brought out, like this is Coachella, not a comic convention for nerds, otakus and other social rejects.

And then somebody had the nerve to say that it outdid BLACKPINK’s Coachella performance [tweet got deleted btw], I’m sorry but in what aspect? All they did was just scream about being “guerillas” and you’re telling me that outdid BLACKPINK?

I’m going to need ATINYs to be real for a second. Anyway even the locals are saying the performance was bad, some people even said they’re not going to Coachella ever again, and well… I can kinda understand why. 

It’s so infuriating how groups like BTS and BLACKPINK worked so hard to give kpop a good reputation to the general public, but it only took ATEEZ half an hour to destroy it, they just proved what the locals initially thought of kpop – that it is total garbage.

edit: i found the tweet

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