Baby Monster shows off the crazy voting power of their fans

Baby Monster’s crazy voting power

1. I don’t like Yang Hyun Suk but he’s so talented

2. What kind of vote is this??? I hope that they will win 1st place on music shows

3. I hope that they will win 1st place on music shows. Let’s watch the encore

4. Are there any foreigners among the members?

5. Is this M Countdown voting? I looked it up and they ranked #2 among the candidates. I guess that’s why fans are voting diligently

6. I want to see Baby Monster’s encore stage

7. Wow, their overseas fandom is definitely bigger than any 4th generation female idol. I rarely see female idols defeat male idols

8. I want to see their encore stage. Let’s see a world where talented people rank 1st

9. It seems they have a lot of foreign fans, the number of views on YouTube is so high

10. Isn’t it just that TXT’s fandom is weak?

11. I’m jealous that there are fans in Southeast Asia voting like that

12. No matter what, YG is still YG

13. Are Southeast Asian fans not fans? Why do you guys look down on Southeast Asian fans?

14. Every K-pop idol has Southeast Asian fans, why do they only criticize Baby Monster?

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