BABYMONSTER DEBUT (stop the problems)



THEN they released their first mini album “BABYMONS7ER”.

This can only be their debut album, not their debut as a group, because their debut as a group was “batter up” who was followed by “stuck in the middle”.

it’s their official debut, we can’t say that their official debut is “BABYMONS7ER” because

<<the group wasn’t complete when Batter Up was released>>

. whether the group was complete or not, the group officially debuted with BATTER UP.


⛔️Also, y’all need to stop wanting to blame ARMY when there are plenty of fandoms that have talked about it, no one here wants to drag gg, y’all just need to stop wanting to fanwar an issue while you can just correct the error.


BABYMONSTER has beautiful voices and talent, we have to stop wanting to put hate in everything


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now here are the first charts of “BABYMONS7ER”

Sheesh’s official debut on Spotify is 800k and not of 1.8M/2.1M. So EVEN IF sheesh was the band’s first official album, which it isn’t, they still haven’t broken the record. just because it’s not 24 hours tracking doesn’t mean it doesn’t count


⚠️reminder ⚠️

Please stop the problems between fandom, it’s really annoying because every time the idols are either insulted , or they receive death threats. be mature and stop your fanwar.


Ps: these are not my screens so I ask for respect