Bambam used to have a one-sided crush on TWICE Nayeon?

TWICE Jihyo will be the 8th guest on Bambam’s youtube channel, “Bam’s House” as a part of their comeback promotion for “SET ME FREE”. In the preview, Bambam confessed to Jihyo that He used to have a one-sided crush on Nayeon.

Nayeon and Bambam are friends and have known each other since their pre-debut days. Nayeon used to buy him milk everytime since he’s so small.

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It's whatever

So cute but there weren’t also rumors of bambam with mina? Remains me of nichkhun saying his girl type was Jessica only to end up with Tiffany. Same with Crush saying his type was Irene only to end up with joy lol


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I understand him who wouldn’t have a crush on Nayeon I mean look at her


slow news days…

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