Bang Si Hyuk and Min Heejin as directors of SM Entertainment?

“Bang Si Hyuk and Min Heejin as directors of SM Entertainment?”

Candidates for the director position of SM Entertainment include Bang Si hyuk, the chairman of the board of directors of HYBE who raised BTS, and Min Heejin, the CEO of ADOR, who raised the girl group NewJeans into global artists

1. Min Heejin’s life seems so interesting

2. Making a drama with Min Heejin would be interesting

3. Min Heejin seems to have a lot of influence in HYBE

4. Min Heejin is busy taking care of NewJeans so I don’t think she’ll do it

5. Honestly, I don’t know who will be the director, but I’m looking forward to what happens if HYBE’s capital power is put into SM! I’m curious because HYBE supports music so well!

6. Min Heejin’s ability is amazing

7. Min Heejin, CEO of ADOR, is enough, so I hope she doesn’t go to SM

8. But changing the board of directors will change the quality of the songs… Did you know that the board of directors decides on even such details?

9. In the end, Lee Soo Man bankrupted the company and left

10. Wow, I’m really confused. Is this a true story?

11. I really hate Lee Soo Man

12. Seriously, I think Min Heejin will produce Got the Beat better than Yoo Young Jin

13. What about current SM artists and fans?

14. I’m curious about Aespa touched by Min Heejin

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