Bang Si Hyuk chose male idols and female idols who are the one top


1. But who doesn’t know this?

2. Of course it’s BTS and BLACKPINK

3. Even my grandmother knows this

4. Anyone who denies this is weird… My mother, a muggle in her 40s, knows this

5. Anyone can see that these two groups are the one top idols, right..?ㅋㅋ

6. It’s a fact that everyone knows

7. Even if Bang Si Hyuk denies this, these two groups are still the one top..ㅋㅋ

8. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this?

9. Is this not obvious? Who doesn’t know this…?

10. Even my mother knows this

11. Isn’t that obvious? Besides BTS and BLACKPINK, who is the one top?

12. He’s right

13. I think elementary school students can answer that tooㅋㅋ

14. People would have been angry if he had denied thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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here before army company stans “well akshully its new jeans 🤓”


Nobody said sht stop the delusion 😭


lmao you know nothing. armys don’t like newjeans now because of mhj and payola


Me too. i’m waiting for those fans who says “isn’t new jeans the next bts”. They’re all over twitter.


next bts? 😂😂😂


NJs’ fans. Try twitter it’s everywhere. It started with media play-“NewJeans sweeping charts, working to fill BTS’ empty spot”, “NewJeans taking the baton of BTS. HYBE’s stock experiencing rises”, “NewJeans play a crucial role in restoring HYBE’s potential”, to calling NewJeans the “Next BTS” and ends with arrogance.

mother dozen

no army is saying that. it’s insecure kpop fans who cream themselves at the thought of a kpop group overtaking bts that’s saying that.


Those fans = NJs fans. I used the word those fans because i am not talking about armys but NJs’ fans.

Color color stan

eww stop mentioning the seoul cycles alongside bts when we know the gap between them is like heaven and hell lol. yg’s mediaplay is really working on yall even though even bb only acknowledges twice and not the color color group 🤣


Blaming it on yg mediaplay when it came directly from the twinks ceo😭


the only twink in kpop is lisa during her predebut days 😂 lmaoooo
& bang sihyuk is not the ceo anymore

mother dozen

yall need to stop calling bts twinks bc by the ways yalls selfies get released, we can see that it’s just self-projection. and it is yg mediaplay considering this trended on front pages more than any of bts’ success do. besides i thought yall hated bang pd, now yall are sucking his dick bc he said an objective fact? he was being nice by not mentioning the huge gap between the two.


Quick, act surprised

Ladyboy lisa

Blackpink nowhere near bts level 🤣🤣🤣


Stankpink may be second but they are no where near first. Imagine still doing arena shows in the west and not being sold out


Armshit spreading lies meanwhile their faves solo struggling to chart in their own countries even with thousand collabs for solo


b!tch where???? jhope just won today & his songs are charting fine on every kchart 😂
jin & rm charted fine & they sold million of copies & broke tons of crazy records! try again

mother dozen

yall are so used to collabs being only for western clout that you cannot comprehend bts doing collabs solely for artistic reasons. you think jhope and rm were thinking of melon number 1s when they collabed with thee jcole and erykah badu especially knowing how antiblack and xenophobic koreans are? be fucking serious idiot.


It’s funny how army hates blackpink but even their own ceo recognizes them, while army keeps defending a flop group like twice, twice will never be taken seriously lmao


bang si hyuk is not the ceo 😂


It’s funny how blinks hates bts but even their own ceo recognizes them and uses them to promote blackpink 24/7 while blinks keeps defending a flop group like exo txt nct straykids & newjeans who will never be taken seriously lmao 😋

mother dozen

have you ever thought with your smooth brain that we defend twice because we like them? they’re talented, make good songs, genuinely love each other, work hard, and make efforts to communicate with their fans, all these things the opposite of shitpink. also they’ve acknowledged that bts paved the way unlike blackpink who are incapable of humbling themselves and keep up the ruse that all their success is their own work knowing that their stupid fans genuinely believe it.


And I think it’s even funnier how yall swear you hate BTS and ARMYs but would fight tooth and nail for our validation 😘


Just because you are second doesn’t mean you’re close to first.


Ratmys when even their CEO knows Blackpink is the girlgroup #1 🤡🤡🤡


are they 1st group ? no honey 😂 they are n2 & tthey will be always n2 ! right after THE BTS 💅
& what’s funny is that your ceo admitted that bts are the best group in kpop and he uses bts to promote bp 24/7 . the joke on you dear blonk shit

Last edited 14 days ago by DeeDee

bang sihyuk is not hybe’s ceo airhead😂

mother dozen

because he shouldn’t be lying and objectively it’s true. armys always knew this, we just also knew that blackpink could never overtake bts like their delusional fans think. we just find it funny because lol he was being so courteous by not pointing out the huge success and popularity gap between the two. and you so lame still using ratmy.


4th gen stans are triggered 😂😂😂

spicy spice

this comment section would be funnier if the one who said this statement was yang hyunsuk lmfao.

Top Acts in K-Pop

Two of the most iconic and legendary K-pop acts across all generations are male group BIG BANG and female group Girls’ Generation. Over their decades-long careers, both groups have become well-known for their iconic music and incredible performances.

BIG BANG is widely regarded as one of the most successful boy bands of all time, having sold millions of albums across the globe with their unique brand of pop and hip-hop music.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has released multiple hit songs since their 2008 debut, cementing their place as one of the most popular girl groups in K-pop history.

Both BIG BANG and Girls’ Generation have left an indelible mark on the industry and remain iconic to this day.

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