Bang Si Hyuk “I got here thanks to BTS, I wouldn’t have been able to take even a single step without ARMYs”

1. If you know this, please treat BTS and ARMYs well

2. I’m not a fan of BTS, but he doesn’t seem to know how disgruntled ARMYs are with the companyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. He means BTS made a lot of money, and ARMYs are the best customers

4. They always talk about reducing their dependence on BTS, but now he’s saying he can’t do it without ARMYs…?

5. What did Bang Si Hyuk and HYBE do to ARMYs?

6. I saw the title and was curious what comments he would get

7. He talks well, but it seems like he doesn’t know anything about his actions

8. How many years have I been deceived by those words?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. I don’t know, but is it contract renewal season?

10. Please take good care of BTS and if you think about ARMYs, you should improve Weverse Shop

11. Actions are more important than words… He only sees ARMYs as ATMs

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WhatsThe Point

Love to see BTS getting praises.

Nothing can satisfy yall, u wanted BTS success to be acknowledged, but once that is happening u are still not satisfied.
I’m sure a certain fandom under hybe is scrambling since he literally said BTS was the start and hybe was built by BTS


This man has his flaws but he always gave BTS the praise and place they deserve. He’s the face of the company so he receives the backlash but everything in HYBE went downhill when Jiwon Park assumed as a CEO. Since then, it’s like he’s trying to rewrite the history. No one would be mad if he wanted to expand, because of course it’s not profitable for a company to depend in just one act. But the fact they’re trying to make it seem like BTS didn’t built that company from the ground it’s ridiculous. Bang PD is not my favorite person but him saying this is a great way to shut up those d*mbasses who love to pretend their favs are on the same level as BTS. That company would be nothing without Bangtan.


What weird comments. He’s still head of Bighit Music, BTS’s current label, and Hybe only exists bc of BTS, regardless, so it should be natural and right that he’s acknowledging that.

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Idgi. What he said was the truth. He’s on top thanks to BTS & ARMY. He gve both the group & fandom their credit 🤷‍♂️


Korean akgaes man….they are everywhere. They just want to hate


Bts and hybe literally just gave army a whole free mega concert. The comments are from haters wbk 🤣😘
They are the same people who ask bts to leave hybe. If bts unhappy in Hybe, then the poeple in hybe who have to leave hybe, not bts 😘


Then why aren’t you treating the members the way they deserved 🙄


Yes they were SO mistreated that theyvdecised to renew another 7 years


Go kiss that hag ass, jin deserve better promo for his solo before the enlistment

namtiddies@10th june

Knets r delusional & bunch of salty ajummas, cursing bang pd inside out while bangtan boys r so close to him

believe what you want

It’s good that he knows but when’s he planning on acting like it


Bang shi hyuk is a good person i can feel the boys are trustful & comfortable with him.he knows what they think,what they want,he knows them.he was with them from the beginning & there’s sth inseparable about them.i have so much complain about hybe & the way they manage BTS’s releases,promote/protect them but i have nothing against him.


I will always be grateful to him because he discovered the members of BTS, thanks to him who trusted and encouraged them, we can enjoy Bangtan’s meaningful music.


looking at his weight… i don’t think he’s taking any steps


3 obese armys downvoted this


Nahhh y’all just love being fatphobic, racist and xenophobic to the man,,,,,,y’all can’t never insult him with no relation to his weight


5 obese armys now

Maple Puddin

Karmy complain a lot about everything but the company is fucking up these solos. He is still in control of BH so their are always ways one can improve


Do you not watch any of the behinds. The members are involved in gheir own alnum rollout

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