Bang Si Hyuk personally reveals about the SM takeover, “The management was so bad, I’ve been sad for a long time”

1. Who are you to be sad because of someone else’s company?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. That ba$tard is Lee Soo Man’s savior ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Bang Si Hyuk ❤ Lee Soo Man

4. His words and actions contradict each other

5. And first of all, please correct the Eulsa Treaty and apologize

6. So you put 470 billion won in the pocket of Lee Soo Man, the culprit of that bad governance structure?

7. They’re doing it for the money anyway, so stop pretending to be nice

8. HYBE keeps saying that they have a big mission and seem to be SM’s savior, stop pretending

9. At this moment, I feel sorry for SM artists

10. Isn’t it because of Lee Soo Man????

11. ???????? Who created that governance structure? Isn’t it Lee Soo Man? Why did they shake hands with Lee Soo Man?

12. Are you kidding me?

13. I was really angry, but I read the title and burst out laughing

14. Does he really think he’s a defender of justice?

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He should focus on bts solo career more and fix the problem


Comp stans are coming. Go watch and stream on the street, jitb, astronaut, indigo and proof. Why waste time on this hybeshit and smshit drama. Bye!


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hybe part time workers please comment


Lol he is sooo greedy and obsessed with sm


greedy maybe! but obsessed with flop sm no!


Oh SM ended my talentless fav slvthyung


get a life


Oh he ended my other fav uncle Jungloo and his scammer girlfrind Yebi 🤣


ok clown…..


Tell this guy to work to give bts solo PLAYLISTING instead of saving sm and its mess

👩🏻‍🚀 Astronaut Y

Should’ve let them sinking with the civil war they created and use those millions back to its source aka my boys which way more profitable than 3 streams they trynna save from this entire crumbling company


Once I knew the article came from Theqoo
I predict all these comments lol


Let SM drown we are overdue for done flop groups disbandments


Pls let them sink

seungri is free

hybe plz disbands this herd of mediocrity (NshitT) 🙂


How is this your problem big boy?

drake and josh

Y don’t u ask bestie JYP to console your big head

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Honestly, I was really sad of the current management of SM. So great artist that weren’t pushed like they should to showcase their best.

But i know, bang PD just said this to save his ass so save it lol

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