Bang Si Hyuk “The reason for the K-pop crisis? The absence of BTS group activities”

1. This is what reporters and industry experts say all the time. He’s talking about what everyone already knows… Just take good care of your singers

2. He should’ve treated BTS betterㅋㅋㅋ

3. To be honest, he’s right, but fans of other idols don’t want to hear this… And overseas, BTS isn’t classified as K-pop

4. He’s right, to be honest, BTS seems bigger than K-pop…

5. No, just be quiet… please

6. Shut up, he only mentions BTS when necessary

7. Didn’t you say NewJeans can replace BTS? Just push NewJeans

8. Why don’t you treat BTS well even though you know this?

9. Seriously, he’s really shameless

10. Just shut up..

11. Honestly, he’s right, but I just want him to shut up…

12. Foreigners don’t think BTS is K-pop

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