Bang Si Hyuk “The reason for the K-pop crisis? The absence of BTS group activities”

1. This is what reporters and industry experts say all the time. He’s talking about what everyone already knows… Just take good care of your singers

2. He should’ve treated BTS betterㅋㅋㅋ

3. To be honest, he’s right, but fans of other idols don’t want to hear this… And overseas, BTS isn’t classified as K-pop

4. He’s right, to be honest, BTS seems bigger than K-pop…

5. No, just be quiet… please

6. Shut up, he only mentions BTS when necessary

7. Didn’t you say NewJeans can replace BTS? Just push NewJeans

8. Why don’t you treat BTS well even though you know this?

9. Seriously, he’s really shameless

10. Just shut up..

11. Honestly, he’s right, but I just want him to shut up…

12. Foreigners don’t think BTS is K-pop

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It is their company is in crisis not kpop as a whole. Without bts other companies will be fine and the whole industry is fine.


You use a flop standard..thats why you feel okay lol


They haven’t been fine for years like we saw only Hybe was doing well until now and that was bc of BTS 😂


Other companies?? That get affected cause bts enlistment???

Hello xd

They did, even more than HYBE.


Kpop is a flop with or without BTS. But without BTS your faves are even more embarrassing


You must have very low standards for your companies and a very skewed view of BTS’s overall impact and Hybe’s current standing.


b!tch where? 😂 many kpop groups are tanking harder now . even the young 4th gen groups are barely surviving

Bring back discuss

BTS isn’t being mistreated… they’re going to the military


Yes, they are. Comp stan should die


He did not say that. He did talk about kpop in crisis but he actually supported his statement with actual numbers and data, like spotify listener stats, amount of albums being sold, not using BTS only. Read the whole interview.

But I don’t really agree with his statement that kpop is in a crisis , in the West maybe since the BTS effect is strong there but in Asia, I don’t really think so but then I get what they meant. Jpop is also begin to go viral among global/West listeners thanks to Tiktok so a lot of people are starting to pay attention to Japan songs these days. Example of that is Japan songs began to chart in Melon. Pannchoa translated about this few weeks ago. SEA countries that has been strong supporters of Kpop for decades also began to have their own local groups like kpop groups which are also being received positively by SEAs themselves and gains supporters too so they probably think people will lose interests in Kpop slowly


In asia, aside BTS n bp, other groups seem not really that popular. Twice used to. Its not like 2nd gen back then when multiple groups popular at the same time. Aside BTS n bp, other groups struggle to have a hits that reach gp in asia. Newjeans songs kinda popular but they as a group still not stable. Thats maybe why bang pd worry about kpop presence in asia.

I think thats why hybe should promote hard bts solos. They all can do very well if hybe really promote them well. So far, only jimin has the best promo. BTS solos could really help to sustain kpop presence in global scale.


I think Jimin is doing the best because he is following BTS (Big Hit) standard of promotion and marketing while for the other solos, the members decide spesifically the kind of promotions they want for their album release.

Hello xd

I’m gonna be honest. But kpop is struggling even in South Korea. Just a few groups are doing exceptionally good.


That’s actually so truee


#7 true, focus on NJs, they can replace bts soon


Replace flopink you means. Oops they already did lol. Newjeans is the most popular girl group right now heheh


Even nj beat flop bts solos in the chart rn. Worry about that first


& that’s why newjeans barely bring 1.2% of hybe’s profit 😂 meanwhile bts bring 50 billion $ every year to south korea ! lmaoooo keep embarrassing yourself

dot com bubble

He’s not saying there’s a crisis but that kpop agencies should act like there’s a crisis. The truth is Kpop is on a downward trend on the biggest Kpop markets in the world, even their cornerstone, SEA. In the US, no Kpop group is making any noise at all while BTS is on a hiatus and BP is on a tour.

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…Meanwhile Blackpink is headlining Coachella this week, Jennie’s HBO show is coming out soon, and Twice continues to get more attention is the States with an ever-bigger tour planned. Some downward trend… 😂🤣

BTS and boy groups are the ones who are stuck in the little Koreaboo universe. The mainstream has always liked girl groups more than boy groups, and especially so when it’s super effeminate boy groups.

Kpop boy groups make money but they don’t make waves with the mainstream because they will never, ever be considered cool. “Coolness” and “cuteness” are completely incompatible when it comes to males, at least in the West.

Color color stan

We all know the seoul cycles are only performing at coachella cause they can’t get invited to bbmas, amas and the grammys. Stuck at doing racist music festivals 😂

Also of course you’re proud of the hbo series by the rapist sam levinson who cut scenes of seoul cycle from the movie cause she mad ugly fr 🤭🤭🤭

The truth is your girlies are 8 yrs old and still doing the same coachella where even rookie aespa already did, not having a US stadium tour, stuck in 15k arenas and not even hitting top 10 on the BB hot 100 as a group and never hitting it probably 😂😂😂 where is the upward trend

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Everyone deluded themselves into thinking kpop is on some kind of rise internationally when, in fact, everyone was reaping what BTS sow.

The impact Bangtan have showed that no matter how huge or significant a kpop act will ever be, westerners will never take them seriously.

Which is why it was astonishing to see how kpop stans were the main people hyping them up whenever they robbed or made fun of Bangtan. Especially back when they lost their first GRAMMY.
I’ll never forget how you lewsers hyped up a whole magazine for publicy promoting violence against Bangtan. Bunch of freaks.


DOJA cats deserve to win, no matter how many BTS fans they have


You missed the entire point and decided to have an argument about something else.


Westerners absolutely take Blackpink seriously. Kpop girl groups have a serious future because Westerners see these groups for what they are – cute, attractive girls making catchy songs.

However, kpop boy group fans are in complete denial about the reality of what makes men attractive, cool, and popular in the West. Asian men are already widely seen as lacking masculinity, which is essential for men to be seen as “cool” and attractive. Kpop boy groups are literally just reinforcing negative stereotypes among the mainstream with the way they look and act.

BTS and skinny, hairless, makeup-wearing flowerboys doing aegyo will NEVER, EVER be mainstream popular because most people think it’s childish and unattractive for men to look and act like that. These boy groups will forever be stuck appealing only to either Asian audiences or young girls who are old enough to “like boys” but not old enough to like grown men…. so, like, 12 year old girls.

Boy group fans need to realize that they are the outliers. Their opinions are not mainstream.

Color color stan

No one takes bp seriously, only trash mtv even recognize them and then gave them the shitty metaverse award and scrapped giving them group of the year 😂


What happened to the 7 members? They aren’t impactful like their group?


The 7 members are doing really well on their own, you don’t need to worry about them. Let’s talk about how the other kpop groups are not making any impact whenever they have a cb.


So far there’s more than two bgs sales million and included in ifpi. When it comes in streaming ig only BP have a good streams.


good where? 😂


No is missing on all month and weekly top ten Spotify streaming list meanwhile BTS lives there. Are you dumb?


Kpoppies cant deny that bts is so impactful that they need to talk abt bts solo career lol. Bts solo career outsold kpoppies fav grp with ease. The funny thing is bts solo is not promoted like normal kpop promotion but they still outperform those kpop flop grp


And why not kpoppies can’t talk about their solo career when armys are saying that it would be 7 times stronger when they do solos?


Theres stray kids 🙄


that group with the bully, right?


Those flop cant even charted on spotify and domestic chart. They need 100+ version to sell their album


No one, not even JYP, actually believe they can accomplish what BTS has


Nobody cares about those fads in korea. bffr


On the street?


With 0 stream


let them enter in the top 100 of melon then let’s talk lol


This fat guy should kiss bts member feet everyday. Focus on bts…give the same payola that you did to newjeans to bts solo career

It's whatever

Exactly. One day talking about NJ replacing BTS and the next saying that because of Bts hiatus, kpop is declining 🙄 pick a side and promote BTS solos like they should


BTS members r in good terms w Bang PD, so all mantis should stfu. Has JK not told u guys enuf that he’s fvcking grown ass.


So does sm artist with lee sooman and look now what lsm did to their artist lol. Same happen to yg and 2ne1. This guy is no diff. He will not care abt the one who make his comp successful..look at the mediaplay he do for the end he and his comp want to prove they can be successful w/o one grp

It's whatever

One thing is to be in good terms with bang pd and another totally different is to not be aware of how bad BTS solo debuts were handled.
Even now, jhope and RM songs in the middle of JM promotions. There’s some serious management deficiencies


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Way to sensationalize what was actually said for views. And what did he say wrong exactly?

Ik some kpop fans would rather kpop stay a niche thing for whatever reason, but that just puts more pressure on the idols, themselves, to survive when their music can’t reach a real global stage. We lose out on a lot of potentially great content when companies don’t expand in the market, and it gives way for other places to build up competition and potentially take over, esp in avenues kpop companies are refusing to explore. Companies need to stop resting on BTS’s laurels if they’re not doing otherwise.


Well that’s bad for Korea, not like we really care


the way wasn’t paved after all


it is actually paved, but it’s hard reaching their standard of spectacular showmanships. let other groups come to that level first, because nobody want to see subpar performances, BTS is the standard.


Didn’t you say NewJeans can replace BTS? Just push NewJeans

NewJeans can’t even win a simple voting and their fandom is full of company stans who will stan the next hybe gg Lol 😂

Saint Seungri

nonono, kpop starts clearing 🙂 btass no activity like group, their animals fans forced to eat their shit solos, after serving in the army they will be forgotten


Kpop crisis???? What Kpop crisis? Lmao this man must be talking about his own company that would go under without the connection of BTS. Kpop has and will always be a niche industry world wide. That doesn’t mean it’s in any sort of crisis. BTS money must be going to his head. Does he seriously expect the market to just keep ballooning or something? I can see why he teamed up with Lee “China will become the Hollywood of Asia” Soo Man. Peas in a pod, two delusional people will of course get a long well with each other.


Those solos really underperformed and that’s on him since he never bothered to promote them individually, there’s so much a fandom can carry specially when not everyone is there for the whole group.


he should shut up


Other groups are growing just fine. Why would anyone’s future depend on bts? This guy really cannot move on with his one hit wonder

Hi, I'm Guest

He is not talking about your fave, the flops


Any growth your flops get internationally is Because of BTS and once they decided to quit your faves will be banished back to Asia where they belong


Delusion at its highest. K-pop idols were doing concerts, tours, and TV appearances in the West long before BTS.

SNSD appeared on the David Letterman show 11 years ago before BTS was ever conceived, let alone stepped foot in the West.

Wonder Girls collaborating with Akon 10 years ago:

By the time BTS came about, K-pop was already getting huge in the West with groups like Got7, EXO, Bigbang, 2NE1, SNSD, etc. The third generation as a whole was blowing up at that time, but BTS just happened to be the ones to ride off the already-building wave and catch the most attention. Now all of you army who only got into K-pop 5 minutes ago are deluding yourselves by thinking that without BTS, K-pop wouldn’t be anywhere in the West or would grow in the West. The fact of the matter is that K-pop was set to get bigger eventually but would have probably done it a bit slower without BTS, or another group would have come along and done it instead.

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BTS isn’t mainstream popular though.

ARMY keep conflating MONEY with MAINSTREAM APPEAL.

BTS just have a herd of young, insecure girls and gay men who spend a LOT of money on BTS merch. Literally nobody else cares about BTS.

Even in Korea kpop girl groups have always had more mainstream appeal while boy groups always made more money due to young females acting like ATM fans.

Color color stan

Wishful thinking user Larry 😜

BTS Cum Dumpster

BTS is classified as “Behind The Scene”.


if you look at google trend, you would know that BTS take over that definition since 5 years ago. BTS now stan for the top boyband from south korea

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