“Best collaboration ever” Big Bang Taeyang collaborates with BTS Jimin

[Exclusive] “Best collaboration ever…” Taeyang collaborates with BTS’ Jimin

According to many music industry officials on the 9th, BTS’ Jimin will feature in Big Bang Taeyang’s solo album, which is expected to be released in January next year

1. A HYBE singer is participating in YG’s album.. Wow amazing

2. Wow, why does it feel weird that Big Bang collaborates with BTS?ㅋㅋㅋ The difference between the peak of each generation, the world view has collapsed. I was surprised when I saw J-Hope and GD meet

3. It’s like a conflict of worldview

4. Wow my ears will melt

5. I remember the old days when Jimin sang Taeyang’s song

6. It would be great if they dance together

7. Seriously amazing!!!!!! Isn’t Jimin’s role model Taeyang? The two voices go well together

8. No, but I think these two voices will go well together

9. I want to listen to it soon

10. Daebak, I can’t imagine it

11. Wow, the two of them feel something in common

12. Crazy, I’m curious about the song

13. Hul, the combination of Big Bang, Taeyang, BTS and Jimin?

14. An incredible combination.. Aren’t the two of them best friends?

15. I can’t even imagine

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