Big Hit denies accusations that BTS Jungkook ‘Seven’ plagiarized Fin.K.L ‘Time of Mask’

Big Hit denies accusations of plagiarism of BTS Jungkook ‘Seven’… “It is a creative product entirely unrelated to another song”

1. What? There was a controversy

2. Anyone can see that’s bull$hit

3. Is it reasonable for 5 foreign musicians to plagiarize a Korean song from 24 years ago?

4. I was surprised because the two songs are so different

5. Seven is a super hit song so if your name is included in the credits, it’s like winning the lottery

6. Of all the plagiarism controversies, this is the most absurd

7. Maybe he wants to get royalty share by including his name..

8. I haven’t even heard of it, and Fin.K.L fans don’t know what’s similar between the two songs

9. Don’t touch Jungkook…

10. I listened to it because I was curious, but they were so different that I was quite confused

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Kpoopies are so depsirated XD


It was the Finkl song composer who sent a claim to bighit. I don’t think anyone else ever thought of it lolz


they responded so fast…

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