Big Planet Made denies rumors that they recently signed with Soojin

Big Planet Made side “We have never met Soojin, the contract is baseless”

Earlier on May 11, one exclusive media outlet reported that Big Planet Made recently signed an exclusive contract with Soojin

However, according to BPM, “The earlier report is entirely false. We never even met with Soojin.”

1. I’m glad it’s not true

2. I’m glad that the bully member left the group and (G)I-DLE is doing well

3. The statement is clear.. Soojin fans, please leave BPM alone

4. It’s not fair for her to leave the group, but the other violent members are doing well?

5. I’m glad the staff worked hard since morning

6. Maybe it’s the wish of her fans

7. Seriously… She just needs to stop thinking about being a celebrity…

8. Reporters seem to write articles after receiving reports of rumors

9. I was really surprised

10. I don’t want to see her anymore

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