Netizens react to Soojin revealing a new picture

Soojin revealed a new picture

She posted on her Instagram

She drew a heart tattoo on her shoulder..

[+118, -391]

1. [+198, -21] The team got better after she left, so it’s true that they did well removing her from the team

2. [+87, -21] I thought it was Kim Garam

3. [+60, -152] Soojin was seriously the victim of a witch hunt. If it weren’t for the trolls, she would never have been kicked out

4. [+49, -5] Miyeon’s haters have been cosplaying as Soojin’s fans and bashing Miyeon for years now. Don’t feed the trolls

5. [+34, -45] Looks like she will debut as a solo

6. [+9, -4] Even male idols are doing well, so why can’t Soojin?

7. [+9, -5] I think she will go solo this year

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