BIGBANG finished filming the music video last week

‘The whole group after 4 years’ BIGBANG finished filming the music video last week… The countdown to the comeback begins

Last week BIGBANG finished filming the music video for a new song that will be released this spring

1. It’s weird that Daesung and GD’s scandals are buried because of TOP and Seungri

2. They really have no conscience

3. After all, they’re back, I’m sure a lot of people will listen to their song

4. No matter how much you curse at them, they’ll be at the top of the music charts

5. It’s weird that they still have fans, aren’t they criminals?

6. The fact is that I can’t boycott all YG artists, but I definitely have to boycott BIGBANG

7. BIGBANG’s songs are always good, so I’m looking forward to it

8. Disgusting, TOP said he won’t work in Korea anymore, but what is this?

9. I get goosebumps when I see them

10. I really don’t want to see them. I wish they didn’t appear on variety shows

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