Biggest K-army streaming account seemingly run by company staff, exclusively focused on BTS Jungkook with Melon pass giveaways and dedicated streaming parties

 In recent developments, the largest KARMY streaming account has come under scrutiny as evidence suggests its operation by company staff, further supported by matching email addresses found on DC. providing Melon pass giveaways, and organizing exclusive streaming and download parties, have raised concerns over potential bias toward BTS member Jungkook.

The K-pop fandom, particularly the devoted ARMY community, has always been known for its passion and dedication towards supporting their favorite artists. However, a recent revelation has caused a stir among fans, as it appears that the biggest KARMY streaming account might be under the management of company staff rather than being a fan-run initiative.

The suspicions arose when diligent fans discovered that the email associated with the streaming account remarkably matched a staff email found on DC, an online community popular among K-pop enthusiasts. This unexpected connection has led to speculation that the account’s activities may not reflect the genuine efforts of an unbiased fan but rather serve as a controlled promotion by insiders.

Moreover, it has come to light that the KARMY streaming account had been distributing coveted Melon passes to its followers, essentially granting them exclusive privileges for streaming and downloading BTS Jungkook’s songs. These giveaways created an imbalanced environment, potentially skewing streaming numbers and distorting the genuine support of the fan community.

Additionally, the account allegedly organized streaming and download parties exclusively dedicated to Jungkook’s music, further indicating a focus solely on one member rather than the entire BTS group. This favoritism raises questions about the intentions behind such initiatives and whether they align with the inclusive nature of the K-pop fandom.

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… Its Jungkooks solo debut. Why wouldnt everything by jungkook focused?


because an ot7 fanbase didn’t do the same for other members and did it only for their bias


And that makes them a company account? Make it make sense 😭😭




jungkook is the one with the latest release right now. ofcourse they gonna focus on him. logic !.


And nothing for other members, the favouritism

mona lisa kinda lisa

other members aside, they didn’t even do that for the group comebacks 😭


I don’t understand. How do they know this person on DC with the same email is staff/industry insider? Also, why the obsession with proving Big Hit and/or Hybe is JK biased? All this solo stan nonsense is a waste of energy.


This must be written by akgae loser


We need to bring back shame and bully you akgaes back into your caves.


akgaes, stop collapsing because of Jungkook’s debut if you continue like this you will start foaming at the mouth, yo must understand that no one but yourselves believes in this smear campaign against Jungkook


This is so stupid. What is the difference here? Giving melon passes is the same as giving Spotify premium passes. All fbs have done this and still doing it. OP, just focus on your fave.

mona lisa kinda lisa


mona lisa kinda lisa


Fuck your mother

I’ m sure this wrote by pjms


They know he will flop. Insecure ass

Jennchild wonder she never added V and RM’s songs

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