Billboard HOT 100 final predictions for next week – Jimin ‘Like Crazy’, FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’

Billboard HOT 100 final predictions for next week

Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ ranked 55th, FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ ranked 61st

1. Wow Jimin and FIFTY FIFTY are amazing

2. Wow Jimin is still on the Hot 100 for the 3rd week?? Wow daebak

3. Suga and IU’s song isn’t there? I’m sure IU doesn’t seem to suit Western tastes very well.. I’m a bit disappointed

4. Jimin is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will listen to the song of FIFTY FIFTY

5. I can’t see Suga and IU’s song

6. Cupid is crazy

7. FIFTY FIFTY is daebak.. The vocals and songs are totally addictive

8. FIFTY FIFTY is crazy, BTS has a big fandom, but what’s up with FIFTY FIFTY?

9. K-pop idols are all doing well

10. Jimin fighting!

11. FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ is the public’s pick

12. Wow FIFTY FIFTY is really cool, I hope they keep climbing

13. FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ is exploding in the US

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the reason Suga song is not there is because the song is boring & expected a hype song plus the pre-release announcement was in between Jimin’s promotions. the fault at bighit for overlapping their debuts & armys are overwhelmed. the company doesn’t give any major playlists & expects the fandom to do all the work while they give their other hybe groups those opportunities. but also I still think Suga debut is around 90 but they didn’t count the sales because billboard isn’t counting the BTS shop. Plus the only reason it worked last year with overlapping debuts last year Jin & RM is because Jin debuted with 1 song compare to Jimin.

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CeCyane 'πŸ’œReady for πŸ–οΈ πŸŸπŸ’œ'

suga’s song was actually only a B-Side, but since IU agree to participate, he make it as prerelease single.

Knowing yoongi, his hype song has always been the title track, so let’s see next week.

that’s why I said “pre-release” Can’t you read?


armys are burnt out tbh, we can make each debut very successful if we get like one/two solo debut a year but all these things keep coming out closer to each other, I think we barely be able to process a whole song/album/collab before we get the new next one whether it’s a song / collab / album.

Now that billboard is fucking up with this buying stuffs, usually armys often run a test on another song to figure out how to fix it but since yg’s song literally dropped right after Jimin, armys can’t even run a run test on it to another bts song and have to think about the funds too.

So much stuffs has been going on for these past two weeks , I just hope we can get D-Day to be successful sighs.


it’s all due to the schedule tbh, if suga pre-release a hype song it wouldn’t be that bad but since people pt2 is just boring.. armys are streaming it for the obligation but you don’t see the majority of the fandom talking about it as much compares to his past songs.

Color color stan

Jimin on the 3rd week and still on the hot100 meanwhile our second fandom can’t give even #100 to ms. dozen πŸ₯΄

mother dozen

comparing a bside track we had notice of 4 days before it dropped that had no promotions to jisoo’s highly anticipated solo is crazy. maybe since she’s being promoted by tiktok she’ll enter at 99 if she wants to, fighting miss tree!!

Color color stan

Funny you compare a b side to a solo songs blonks begged for yg to release πŸ˜‚


suga’s song had no teasers, video intros or visual films like jisoo lmao. just 4 days notice and a low budget mv. you blinks should feel shamed to even trying to compare it to jisoo’s song. but even so, it’s gonna debut #1 on top selling songs, hot 100 is still possible as long as BB don’t try to delete its first week sales. but jisoo’s song with all the youtube views, ads and payola tiktok and spotify is still no where to be found on these charts is the biggest embarrassment.


How many excuse yall are going to give for denying that yall never support yoongi and rapline? What is next? He didnt have eng ver and remix? This is true face of army. Yoongi didnt even entered hot100 = its too suddenly and we need to focus on pigmin bcuz who care abt rapline. Joons album low stream = bcuz its rap album..not friendly enough for us… Jitb only sold 500k = it didnt have normal album ver..stop blaming hybe.they are the best comp ever..this is hobi decision but we didnt want to buy his album..its useless to buy a paper..we need to save money to buy other member album and we did already sold 1.5m..jitb is pity but we have priority


he will be there next week stfup

Ladyboy lisa

Where Jisoo tho 😭😭😭

mother dozen

but definitely a justin bieber replacement who can’t even sell out the tickets! <3

Color color stan

Coachella the racist festival that even some unknown band from mississippi performs at. blackpink can’t get invited to award shows in the us so yg have no choice but to mediaplay that coachella is still relevant when beychella was the last time this racist festival even made noise πŸ˜‚


the way the “doja cat replacement” was a lie created by yall’s fandom just to cope with the fact that hoseok gave lolla their biggest crowd while, on the opposite side, coachella gave bp their biggest crowd 😭


biggest festival? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


idk what’s going on but people pt2 streams on spotify keeps decreasing everyday, seems like the whole fandom either not vibing with the song or what , the billboard sales are not up to our reach sure but spotify streams ? surely we can like control it to show some rises or something , feels like people are way too focused on like crazy , not saying we shouldn’t but idk there should be a balance on it. Big accs only talks about people pt2 for like 5 days before the tracking ended and now it’s silence back .


i mean let’s be honest, people pt2 was a boring song at least it has better longevity on the global charts without major playlisting like j-hope & rm debut if we compare it to the rapline.

mother dozen

armys are definitely burnt out. not only are we having to stream, we’re going against youtube, spotify, and billboard who have all fucked bts over and it’s unfortunately demotivating. like crazy has won some of the gp over and tbh i can see yoongi’s main title track having gp pull since they loved daechwita and most of his productions.


ARMYs will not admit to it, but most of the biggest fanbases are Jimin biased and everytime a solo song from other members comes out, it’s radio silence. Many fanbases go on vacation etc.


this is how I know your comments is targeted and biased because people are not “more focused on like crazy”, in fact like crazy & FACE’s streams have been continously decreasing in the last few days

armys are definitely burned out and that’s okay. the releases being so close to each other + everything going on with billboard, it definitely took a toll on armys and its seen in every single one of their recent releases, not only in people pt 2 (whose streams have been increasing in the last few days, contrary to what you were claiming)

mother dozen

exactly. like crazy’s streams are only increasing in the us, likely due to it kind of trending on tiktok, but everywhere else, it’s decreased and dropped crazy numbers on global spotify. people pt2’s doing pretty well in terms of stability, it’s just not pulling the crazy numbers like crazy debuted with and that’s okay. people just want to push the favoritism narrative so bad just like the users above but truth is, jimin’s been getting shady comments from armys themselves.


Trending? Lol. Delusional lol. Nobody want to listen to a pig singing a horrible song


In which part of this world Like Crazy is trending lol the song is literally unknown. Army is doing all the work, trying to keep it afloat in order to maintain their ego. Meanwhile, set me free fell out of the chart and nobody cared. Suga’s song is not going to enter, don’t know about bubbling under. Army is showing their favouritism but still want to use the word better tools, trending and GP as their excuses.


i blame bighit the most for the scheduling. i think they delayed jimin’s debut so much that it clashes with yoongi’s.. sigh. jimin’s debut was rumored in feb but hybe’s greedy ass fvcked with that sm drama for nothing made his debut getting delayed.


Why are you blaming hybe? Its not yall said its 100% member decision when to release song,etc. Why when it come to this pig its all hybe fault but if it was rapline, its 100% rapline decision. Is this pig a baby? Hes 30 yrs old and cant decide anything? Lol. At the end its army fault for not supporting yoongi. Yall didnt even support ots when it come out early but give 100% to this pig. Why yall is not tired after streaming and supporting ots? The answer yall never support ots lol. Yall only give 5% support for ots. Rapline deserve better fandom than these deaf fandom

Yours' the funny looking bitch can gag on my dick

call him pig one more time and your family will die the very next fucking day, don’t fucking piss me off, elephant neck.

hiding behind the safety of your anonymity so speak shit and about successful people like the fuckass, pressed bitch you are.

say that to any army’s face and watch your monkey looking ass get dragged through the absolute mud like you fucking deserve, fuck ass cow.

acting like you give a shit about rapline but when I open your Spotify account it’s fucking crickets, don’t piss me off, dog.


stop using jimin to promote these nugus


These girl are doing better than him without comp fraud and fandom bulk buying lol


better than him where? πŸ˜‚
he is predicted to be n55 meanwhile these nugus are n61 & they will be another 1 hit wonder group who will tank sooooo bad soon lmao


source: trust me dude


He is charting higher and he hit the n1 spot in case you can’t read or forgot dummy. and if we gonna talk about fraud than let’s talk about 50/50 company doing massive playlists for them


Army are proving again and again that they are rap line anti lol. Ot7 is bullshit. They cant even make yoongi enter hot100. Cant even make namjoon and jhope a million seller. They even dont stream jitb and indigo anymore. The spotify low stream is the proof lol. Army only stanning 2-3 member but acting loving 7 of them. They will only use rapline talent to fight with other fandom bcuz only jk and rapline are the talented one lol. They are busy fighting blonk when dozensoo is doing better than their fav pigmin in every area except hot100 and album sales. Public know pigmin song and voice is horrible lol


One didn’t enter ..other is free falling πŸ’€πŸ’€


honey he is still charting meanwhile stifsoo is nowhere to be found πŸ˜‚ not to mention that suga is predicted to be at 40 by another prediction lol


Lol one is free falling bcs he only has fans and not really popular among public, but the other proves what general popularity look like

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