Billboard HOT 100 latest controversy

The Billboard Hot 100 is arguably the most well-known music chart in the world. It has been a staple in the music industry for over 60 years, providing a snapshot of the most popular songs at any given time. However, once again and recently, many music fans have raised concerns over the Hot 100 chart being no longer the reliable indicator of musical quality and success it was.

With the rise of independent artists and alternative distribution models, many musicians are finding success outside of the traditional music industry. For example, artists like Chance the Rapper and Tyler, the Creator have achieved critical acclaim and financial success without ever charting on the Hot 100. 

On January 2022 Billboard itself introduced new rules for the Hot 100 and other charts Only 1 digital sale will be counted per customer per week for songs and albums. “Bulk purchases” won’t be counted anymore. 

A new rule that forced the music industry to find a new controversial tactic that was revealed through the New hot100 on March 3, 2023.

Jimin of K-pop group BTS has become the first South Korean solo artist to top the US songs chart with his song, Like Crazy. 

Despit being out on all USA platforms like Apple Music, Pandora chart and with less than 500K daily streams on US Spotify Like Crazy went #1 on Hot100 with only 10M streams but 240K sales. The new raised concerns among general public on Monday.

While Jimin’s success on the Hot 100 is a testament to the power of BTS dedicated and cult alike fanbase, it also highlights the need for greater transparency and the importance of ensuring that the charts remain a reliable and trusted measure of success.

4 duplicate version of Like Crazy, 29 version to buy for chart even “alternate covers” were available for purchase. This tactic is intended to further pass the general public’s lack of interest in his new music. 

As the music industry continues to evolve, it will be important to address this concerns and ensure that the charts remain a fair and accurate reflection of the popularity of EVERY artists and their songs.

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White cat

Boo hoo. 🤣 they change everything yet bts still got demand for their music.


Demand for what? Autotunes and singers that can’t sing live?


he clearly has demand when he debuted #1 and has u whining like this ☺️


oh…ofc his winning benefits SK. As their economic values was impacted by the good news. And is your fav didn’t do lipsync too? I guess they do. They just be a robot dancing here and there with fake lipsync voice.


They said BTS not Flopink and exorapist


be honest set me free pt.2 was horrible. like crazy won’t even get much attention if it’s not jimin’s song. jimin won’t even make it to the industry if he was in other agency. man can’t sing and isn’t even a visual like yall say


music is quite objective tho , I found Kitsch, Flower and Zero so-so but I’m not the one who is going around telling people that like those songs to be honest with me cause people have different opinions on music.

If you find his songs are horrible then fine, because it is your opinion but why you guys keep commenting the same thing all over again and trying to convince and gaslight people that found his songs okay and good into them actually not being truthful ?


With all the grammar mistakes in this post, whoever wrote this is clearly either a seven year old or yet another SEA blink obsessed with another countrys’ charts. Y’all are so weird. 😭 As long as radio has such high impact on the charts, we can’t pretend that they’re indicative of what the public loves and listens to. But you wouldn’t know that, would you, since you just regurgitate what the pop girl bubble says on twt about the charts of a country you can’t even afford to travel to. Pathetic.

Last edited 8 months ago by Tovey
Amitabh Bachchan

Jimin’s No. 1 on the Hot 100 came after Billboard changed its chart aggregation method to keep K-pop in check. Early last year, Billboard reduced the effective number of downloads per person from four to one to reduce the influence of the huge fandom that supports K-pop groups. In addition, ‘Like Crazy’ also had a lower Radio Airplay score than competing songs, which is a key indicator for ranking Hot 100. However, Jimin was able to take first place with an overwhelming lead in digital music sales.

Amitabh Bachchan

The Billboard Hot 100 chart is a reliable main chart. Therefore, the ranking is calculated after thorough verification in the selection of the order. If there is even the slightest doubt, you will be immediately excluded from ranking. Because the billboard has authority.. If there is a problem, the billboard rights will be lost. A singer from another country has been excluded from the Hot 100 before. The Billboard Hot 100 chart is a chart that is thoroughly vetted and ranked.


bashing for fans effort is so funny to me cuz every artist would love to have a solid fandom 🤷🏽‍♀️ and yet these ppl don’t batt their eyes for artists doing payola for radio stations or spotify to get more playlist


this is getting funny actually like jimin really got these people making long ass-articles and bunch of broken records type of comments for him , they must be thinking of him every day and night since his solo album drops 😭


downvote me all you want, it does not erase the fact that you guys are just bunch of sore losers anyway , you swear you hate him but keep making comments about him and posts about him more than me , an actual army 😭


Charts can be easily manipulated. It’s been that way for years. You can change the rules but loopholes exist. And then you have Koreans and kpop fans who are obsessed with rankings, polls, charts, etc. It’s like a match made in heaven lol good luck trying to find ways to stop them ✌

Your dad

I guess radio play that no one even pays attention too is more authentic

Just say you’re mad that your favs will never chart high or at number 1


lol pathetic losers go cry a river. jimin stays unbothered and successful


Army be obsessing with number because they can’t use talent anymore to defend jimin, so funny


And what’s your fav talent? If you talk about talent Jimin is singer, songwriter, dancer, producer. He was admitted to an elite art school because of his dance. He could become a successful contemporary dancer if he wasn’t an idol.

Don’t compare jimin with the likes of your fav who is manufactured just to be pretty without much talent. A singer but not a musician.

Ladyboy lisa

Blinks talking about talent 🤣🤣🤣


Latest controversy: no radioplay 💀
Jimin stay winning and loser can keep focusing on Jimin 🎉


No matter what you guys wrote. Jimin still will hold the title for the 1st korean soloist to DEBUT #1 on HOT100 in history. Yall fave can’t even get there even with radioplay. Got payed by the company. Not his fault he got dedicated fans wanting to see his name align with success while you busy being in his business and forgetting to even support your own idol. That’s why they will never be on his level.


Jisoo about to reach #1 on bubbling under😭 and bp are struggling to sell out their stadium in france and they’re the ONLY headliners at hyde park festival who still hasn’t sold out yet😂😂😂

Ladyboy lisa

Just prove all those mediaplay won’t hide the fact that they only got SEA streaming farm 😭


So it’s wrong for fans to buy their favorite artist’s music but it’s okay for record labels to pay thousands of dollars to radio stations to play their artists’ songs? They changed the rules but still Army managed to give Jimin that #1, it’s only annoying when BTS gets it. And I’m glad it’s annoying, you can attack us, but in the end BTS and Army got the last laugh. 


Who is concerned with this? Just blonk I think..Because their fav didn’t even top BB200, let alone BB100. If YOU think the article was made to represent US general public, you’re in delusion. The concern of the public would be payola trend among artists. You paid your songs to be streamed on many radios, even the public didn’t want to hear it, the song still being played. Mass buying or remixes are not unusual. Even artists like TS have done it.


As didn’t hear enough. A song release from western artist will automatically have priviledge to be played on radios. The chance is bigger if its payola. If you EVEN don’t know this fact, then YOU are not the general public.

Grace Walker

If the haters are up set go cry to Billboard, and ask them to change their rules again.


I don’t usually cmmt on userposts, but why ya’ll copy-paste the same original track and 4 remixes over and over and call it 29???

You lit have the same original track, with no changes, put up SEVEN times!

And why group multiple copy-pastes of the ALBUM and pretend it’s a remix of a SONG TRACK??

Clown behavior but late to April Fools.

Last edited 8 months ago by EMs

billboard’s become a joke. a song that no one outside kpop has ever heard of charts #1


Army are really going to keep pretending that BTS has impact outside of their narrow fandom of gay guys and overweight incel girls 🤣😂🤡🤣😂🤡

Like I keep saying, the niche, cult fanbase BTS has are ATM fans.

BTS could release an album consisting entirely of Jimin farting for 40 minutes and Army would still bulk buy it to #1 and then gaslight people by claiming that the high sales and streams proves “everybody” is listening to BTS.

BTS is the “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” of the music world. Literally nobody cares about that show except the weird, niche audience who are obsessed with it.


If BTS are not famous and impactful, what are your faves 😂


I just want to say that Army are not born Army they are general pub who becomes the fandom . thank you


The audacity of yall to be concerned for the reliability of a chart that no one but BTS could chart lol. Go worry on charting on Melon and winning on korean awards shows first.

Last edited 8 months ago by Les etoiles

Kpop stans cry and snot over every achievement BTS makes meanwhile their faves are crying on camera for them to stream their flop songs. It’s madness


Taylor Swift releases many versions and discounts too but it’s only a problem when a Korean does the same things a western act is doing? 😭😭 cry more


Not the 3 screenshot sof zero like randos lmao


His warmed Bongo’s bed. He deserves some achievement


I’m just laughing


Jimin’s songs are streamed by ARMYs and bot farms. They are not popular. ARMYs stream with headphones and don’t listen. What is the first place?

Ladyboy lisa

I mean he got US fans buying. Jisoo wish her SEA fans can help her chart in hot 100 🤣🤣🤣 but just falling of the US charts everyday

ព្រាប សុវត្ថិ12 សុវត្ថិ

I always expected something like this. Because some people have jealousy. Look.. Whoever wrote this article.. The Billboard Hot 100 is Billboard’s most attentive chart..
If the reporter’s personal claim is true… the Billboard Hot 100 chart will lose public confidence… so the Billboard’s authority will be greatly damaged. BTS competes at a disadvantage compared to other American singers who have a huge advantage on the radio air player. why not mention that?

ព្រាប សុវត្ថិ12 សុវត្ថិ

Previously, several singers released different versions.. Taylor Swift and other pop stars also released different versions. However, BTS Jimin, a non-Western singer, competes with a disadvantage in radio scores on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Because the Billboard Hot 100 chart is the main chart that places the most emphasis on public confidence… I know that Billboard ranks with thorough verification. This is content without respect for Jimin of BTS.. It is intended to diminish the success or achievements of others.

Amitabh Bachchan

Jimin’s No. 1 on the Hot 100 came after Billboard changed its chart aggregation method to keep K-pop in check. Early last year, Billboard reduced the effective number of downloads per person from four to one to reduce the influence of the huge fandom that supports K-pop groups. In addition, ‘Like Crazy’ also had a lower Radio Airplay score than competing songs, which is a key indicator for ranking Hot 100. However, Jimin was able to take first place with an overwhelming lead in digital music sales.

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