BLACKPINK is really the pride of Korea

The press reviews of BLACKPINK’s performance at the UK festival are all so good

I used to wonder why BLACKPINK is so popular even though they are female idols, but as singers, BLACKPINK’s skills are so good

Not in the US but in the UK, 65,000 seats were also sold out. BLACKPINK became the first girl group to sell more than 50,000 tickets at concerts in the US, UK and France

[+162, -42]

1. [+31, -3] As expected from BLACKPINKㄷㄷ

2. [+29, -1] There is no one who can do their main job well and also do celebrity activities as well as BLACKPINK

3. [+23, -4] Seriously awesomeㄷ

4. [+22, -1] I don’t understand why they would bring down an idol group that is raising national prestige. Even if you support them, it’s not even enough..ㅋㅋ

5. [+20, -1] “Hugh Grant, went to BLACKPINK’s performance ‘I’m a big fan of BLACKPINK'”

6. [+15, -2] BLACKPINK seems to be so popular in UK and France

7. [+13, -5] Is there any girl group that surpasses BLACKPINK..?

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let’s not lie


65k with 9 special guests

cold wave

no one went there for the other artists. they were all complete no names


yet blackpink themselves can’t even sell out their stadiums

cold wave

the other artists can’t even do arenas. theatres maybe


Including BP…. Like who do you think these girls are???


I mean there’s no other Korean gg doing it like them so yeah obviously


You make a few mistakes in word SHAME


It sold out the day of the concert after being not sold out since last year (almost 8 months ago) while every other headliner sold out there’s faster than Blackpink. And now the mediaplay of selling out in France? Blackpink still have not sold out there either and it’s been MONTHS. Their popularity in the west is seriously overinflated. Queens of SEA but everywhere else in the West? No,


Please try to hate them without lying.
In every video of BP’s crowd for Hyde BST you can see a sea of light sticks. The fact is that BP sold out the festival and brought a lot of media attention to it. Not to mention the fact that Stade de France has added new seats recently. BP are doing amazing and they are quite popular in the EU. They are breaking records left and right and are putting up awsome performances for their fans. They are also “The Queens of SEA” and that is an equally amazing achievement. No need to resort to racism over KPop.


Lol they couldn’t sell out. You could get the tics till the morning of the performance day. They are not as big as y’all blinkards make them to be.


try to get another kpop gg to do what blackpink did and then we’ll see


And what exactly did they do? They are not mainstream, nobody knows them but their fans. Twice has the most achievement out of every kgg and bp have been surpassed by 4th gg. They are just riding on mediaplay.


Twice had thousands of tickets on the day of their American concert but you people wont say shit. Twice has more album sales thats it.


I mean no other female group sells better..


So they can perform well in europe and us but NOT in asian countries?


Not the US tho. They are nugus there


I’ve seen them perform twice in Asian countries and they’ve been absolutely amazing, there are a lot of iconic moments that happened in their concerts in Asia but y’all are too blind to see blackpink success and are drowning in pettiness it’s pathetic

Jon Xina

I mean it has 8 other acts and is a yearly festival that was on break for covid that UK concert goers were eager to go to and were booking tickets before the guests were even announced lol. =

Why not compare their US shows that still have thousands of tickets left even after removing all the top seats in Met Life and reducing the cost to 69.99


They lose alot of hardcore stans in US due to their inconsistent performance n always hiatus. The one left are their casual fans that prefer to attend other kpop groups tour that can perform much better n the one know nothing about kpop but just want to attend just for the sake of it.


Even twice had thousands of tickets left days and even on the same day as their USA concerts, BP has way fewer tickets left with months to go. Go watch the videos and see the crowd’s reaction.

Teenaged puppy

The delusion. That group is an embarrassment to Korea and history will show how the media play had y’all fucked up

Seungri Oppa ❤️

nope, it’s Seungri Oppa ❤️.


BP – the classist group. they only want validation from white people, even went as far as starring in po*n, but look down on the rest.

Last edited 2 months ago by jendog

Literally where are the p(rn scenes?? Did they do any p)rn scenes? Were they involved of writing it ?? No, so shut the fuck and stop being jealous of their accomplishments.


State the france is STILL NOT sold out btw. This one hadn’t sell out till the morning of their performance day. Pathetic


It WAS sold out, the only seats remaining were newly added seats due to demands. So cry about it


The pride of korea in term of being media played way too much?

Last edited 2 months ago by BlinkPink

7. [+13, -5] Is there any girl group that surpasses BLACKPINK..?




Ladyboy Lisa

Both artist and fans so shameless, why u claim festival like ur own concert 😅


Festival they’re headlining, festival where everyone in the audience is there for THEM only, those other 8 artist were just guests to entertain blinks. This is not like Coachella, if you go to Ticketmaster they themselves count it as a born pink show. They count it as one of the artist concerts for everyone. So don’t blame us from taking the word from the official websites

WhatsThe Point

Made no noise tbh.. and 65k not for them only, there were other guests since it’s a festival


It made ZERO noise. Nobody is talking about them or even knew it was happening, including their own fans. They really fell off. Im actually surprised. Social media is their forté.


Kinda agree. Its barely trending in twitter n tiktok. I think kpop fans knew they gonna perform the best there but bare minimum during tour. People get sick to see their fakeness.


Yet all the UK media were talking about them..


the guests didn’t have their own tickets, blackpink headlined it so therefore anyone there bought it to see Blackpink. Because literally does anyone there actually know the artists other than Sabrina ?? Y’all are trying so hard to downgrade blackpinks achievements it’s pathetic


I see BP haters and trolls camping here. Your life is not as good and can’t live without insulting BP girls? So pathetic. Imagine hating on successful and relevant girls instead focusing on your bias. Sure, they are more appealing and attractive than whoever your idols are. Stay bitter loser.


sure jan 😂


how desperate blinks are?
this is bts’s nickname that the gov itself gave to them! bp are lsing their records to nugu ggs & getting dragged because of their shitty dance everywhere! yet they dare to call them pride? lmao 😂😂😂😂


These are words from critics, journalists and k netizens, blinks didn’t call them that first so stop crying about it because it’s not that deep.

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