BLACKPINK Jennie and Kim Yoo Jung wear the same clothes

Jennie and Kim Yoo Jung wear the same clothes but have different vibes

Jennie looks sexy

Kim Yoo Jung looks lovely and innocent

[+39, -5]

1. [+44, -5] I really like Yoo Jung’s pure vibe

2. [+42, -4] Jennie feels like a hipster artist, Kim Yoo Jung feels like a pure actress

3. [+38, -40] Jennie is yellow and Yoo Jung is white?

4. [+29, -11] Jennie looks like a famous foreign influencer, and Kim Yoo Jung looks like a Korean celebrity

5. [+26, -26] Yoo Jung is amazing

6. [+14, -2] Jennie looks sexy and Yoo Jung looks innocent? I think both of them are well dressed

7. [+12, -0] Looking at the comments, I think men must be crazy about Jennie ㅋㅋ

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i hope they stop shortening jennie’s clothes to extreme levels… even her blue dress at their fan meeting was cute but was severely shortened…

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