BLACKPINK Jennie and Rosé always make mistakes for getting their choreography wrong?

BLACKPINK Jennie and Rosé getting their choreography wrong

“Jennie and Rosé are always making mistakes too… BLACKPINK’s choreographer was at fault”

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1. [+153, -12] No, they didn’t practice enough, why blame the choreography?

2. [+149, -11] I hope they work harder at their job instead of making friends with celebrities

3. [+53, -12] Even though their choreography is easier than other idols, the members all don’t look good except for Lisa, right?

4. [+29, -1] BLACKPINK is not a group that dances well, only Lisa dances well

5. [+25, -4] Is the journalist a fan of Jisoo? Why not mention Jisoo?

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