BLACKPINK Jennie and the actress of The Little Mermaid two-shot

Jennie and the actress of The Little Mermaid two-shot

But Jennie’s outfit at the Met Gala is seriously pretty

[+174, -16]

1. [+93, -9] Jennie looks like a doll in her pictures at the Met Gala ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So pretty

2. [+91, -8] In what ways do the two of them look alike? It’s just that their looks are completely different. No matter how you look at them, they don’t look alike at all, the comments are crazy

3. [+66, -6] Jennie looks really pretty at this Met Gala, in her picture taken with actress Song Hye Kyo, she looks like a delicate and pretty dollㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+63, -212] Is there something similar between them? They look a bit alike

5. [+12, -5] But how wide is Jennie’s network? Daebak. There are a lot of pictures of her with foreign celebritiesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jennie seems to have a wide network

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Like Crazy

damn jennie forehead is enormous


i just realized this the other day and now it’s all i see. hee hair stylist really doing god’s work with the baby hairs


Jimin nowhere at the met 💀💀

Color color stan

And we thank all the gods for that because karl lagerfeld is an uglyass misogynist racist son of a btch


you’re just saying that because he didn’t attend, y’all were hyping it up on twt LMAOOO

Teenaged puppy

And still made more noise by not being there. Have shame


Noise? In Armys’ asylum world maybe. He is not even the list of most mentioned artists in the met gala

Teenaged puppy

Jimin was the only one trending sand being looked for. Meanwhile forehead was in the way of other idol’s photo shoots. Should have just fetched some water since she was already dressed like a maid


What other idols’ photoshoots? some of you have mental illnesses

Teenaged puppy

Twink blinks entered the chat


Porkmin wishes to be at Met Gala just like Armys desperately wanted him to be. Imagine lining up outside the venue when your fave wasn’t confirmed if he will attend


Did she wear blue contact lenses? Her makeup looked great in other photos, but in this one she looks kinda wierd with these lenses


Knetz mad because Hailey outsold jenlazy with ease🤧


outsold what? 🤣


Why does she hate normal hairstyles

She always tries to be edgy like those cringe tumble type skinny white models and looks lame instead (lily depp and those twins)
Ugly glasses, braids everywhere and nowhere
Her pre 2020 style was pretty


Let women dress/wear whatever they want to loser

Color color stan

How do they look alike? hayley ate her ass 😂 both her and mrs jeremy coming onto the met gala looking like they’re gonna attend church 😂

Ratmy stfu challenge

You stan bts you don’t have a say in this while your faves wore tuxedo 24/7


Slvthyung wears bootyshorts

Teenaged puppy

Seriously Jennie looks like 👽👽👽👽👽

guess what

They found a frog to play ariel

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