It cannot be denied that fanwars within the bird app happen every now and then but while that is true, another unprecedented defamatory narrative has circulated among twitter users, sparking enragement from the fans of Lisa.

This all started when Jennie fans started trending #hyunsaisreal, a ship forcefully made, maliciously insinuating that Lisa is dating a producer from SM. 

Jennie fans also ridiculously claimed that dating the said producer is to secure the release of her second album, LS2. Jensetters, as they’d like to call themselves, laughed and marvelled at the notion of defaming and demolishing the untainted name of the enigmatically infamous Blackpink member, Lisa. They posted spiteful tweets ascribing evidently edited photos to appear more convincing.

Some fan even stole a photo of an iPhone Promax 14 from google, deceitfully encouraging fans to add more tweets to further engage and trend the false narrative they were desperately rolling in exchange for the mobile phone.

To make it even worse, some toxic deranged fans even took it to another social media app, Instagram, and spammed the comment section of the rumored SM producer. He was quick to knock the bottom out of the absurd speculation by immediately posting an Instagram story.

And to further exacerbate things, another twitter user averted that the producer is already a married man. The disrespect and contempt that he was subjected to should not be tolerated. 

What is it with these virulent Jennitals and their obsession with tarnishing other people’s reputation instead of just focusing on their idol? They should be lambasted and berated for their brainless actions. Although it also cannot be contradicted that if you do not have a happy life outside stan twitter, you end up thriving on the demise of another person in a 3D world, the only place in this planet where you could gain relevance through maligning other people but yourself.