BLACKPINK Jennie got good responses at their concert in LA

Jennie got good responses at their concert in LA

Performing ‘Solo’ remix version at ‘The Show’, daebak, I’m looking forward to the Seoul concert. If you haven’t seen Jennie’s solo ending, go watch it

[+129, -61]

1. [+38, -13] Every time Jennie performs at the concert, she is legendary

2. [+35, -11] Jennie is the prettiest with idol makeup

3. [+29, -8] She’s so pretty but it’s hard to take screenshots

4. [+29, -8] She’s #1 on trends in LA, legendary

5. [+15, -3] She looks even prettier in the video

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It only seems like she did good bc her other performances are so bad. Mid is the new A i guess and we all know its bc her influencer friends and celebs came to the show. Only time she doesnt walk off stage and puts in effort. Amazing how her physical and ankle are only good when there are ppl she needs to suck azz in the audience

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