BLACKPINK Jennie has been slaying their recent concert with her stage presence

BLACKPINK concert started recently started in South Korea. They performed their latest album song & previous ones. This is their first concert in 2 years & so blinks were really excited about it. While South Korean blinks were attending the concert,International blinks were supporting it throughout their social media.

BLACKPINK girls Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose performed their own individual solo stages along with their latest born pink album songs.

Jennie, BLACKPINK main rapper & lead vocalist has been going viral for her new song that she gifted her fans. It’s ‘You & me’ which she reportedly wrote & composed by herself. That song trended #1 on Douyin entertainment section with more than 5M views! This unreleased song also gained 1 million views in YouTube in less than 24 hours. Blinks who attended the concert praising her live vocals & marvelous stage presence. She also trended with over 913k tweets in Twitter for her performances. Her performance video are also getting viral in TikTok too. Her ‘You & me’ chirographer congratulating her through his social media & saying he is proud of her.

Jennie after the concert give her sppech by saying, “It’s the day we wrap up our concert in Seoul, and it feels like tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m so grateful to Blink for cheering me on. I want to tell you that the members and staff who worked so hard worked hard.”

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Another day, another joke


Lmao i cant stop laughing at this joke of a post 😂

Jennie's dad is a scammer

Lmao more like jenlazy


where is the stage presence you were talking about 1 st day concert is a mess 2nd day concert was just okay but she didn’t had much stage presence what a joke


please show your concert ticket

Pjdjdj s

Jennie has the best stage performance live. She knows how to hype the crowd instead of sticking to a staged routine

Big Bussin'

So funny

Jennie and her mom are idiot

There must be something wrong with your ear and eyes. This lazy btch can’t even breath properly

Jennie and her mom are idiot

Since when jenwhore can singing? She even need oxygen to breath


Acting like ur fat ass doesn’t get out of breath going up the stairs. calling her a whore bc she got the man who wouldn’t even look at ur disgusting face without laughing at how pathetic u are.

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